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Sovereign Village Republics

Gandhiji desired that every village must be a sovereign republic and India should be the federation of half million Sovereign Village Republics. Present democracy is not Swaraj and not going toward the real Swaraj. On the contrary present democracy is grossly misused by vested interests of multinational corporations, politicians and bureaucracy to exploit entire India, to make the people completely slaves of bureaucracy, to increase poverty and unemployment and to kill them by starvation. Our politicians are credulous enough not to realize this fact because they are under the illusion of development or they are selfish to reap the benefits out of the development process. Government planning and annual budget system is nothing but legalized robbery of the people. Entire administration of the county is highly centralized putting 15 lakh crores of annual budget into handful of people out of which nothing goes to real needs of our villages. All the powers are highly centralized to such an extent that entire India has become a jail of 120 crore prisoners. Entire situation is most dangerous, most dreadful, most repressive and so must unjust to common people that it is almost undescribable. So all the patriotic elite people of India must think very seriously to quickly find the solution of this situation. Gandhiji has already suggested to make all villages as Sovereign Republics. We must go into this direction immediately. The major step is to awaken the people to demand their share per capita from annual budget of the government. Every evil is created from centralized government budget. So 80% budget provision must be decentralized to village scale on the population basis and it should be handed over to Sovereign Village Republics (SVRs). Every SVR consisting of Gram Sabha will have full sovereign powers of enacting laws just like Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Every SVR will have judiciary powers of Supreme Court and will be exercised by justice committee appointed by Gram Sabha. So if India has to live, they can not live in a present way. Immediately village people should demand sovereign powers in their villages and they should demand their legitimate share from the Central and state budget. If governments do not agree to their demands, they have the right of Satyagrah and Bahishkar votes in the elections. If people can show their force, government has to agree to decentralize their powers to Sovereign Village Republics. Once such Sovereign Village Republics come into existence, each village will get roughly Rs. 25000/- per person every year. So if population of village is 5000, their share from central and state budget will be Rs. 25000/- x 5000= Rs. 125 million. This much money will come every year. So every SVR will become just like paradise only within 10 years by the following process.

  1. Every SVR will pay first attention to make check dams everywhere to conserve water for irrigation and agricultural yield will increase almost double in 2 years time.
  2. Every SVR will process agricultural produce into finished goods to be used by the society. So wherever there is a oil seed production, edible oil will be extracted in the village itself. Wherever there is a cotton production, ginning, spinning, weaving industries will work in the village itself and cloth will be produced. Wherever there is paddy, unpolished rice will be produced in village itself. Wherever there is sugarcane, jaggery will be produced in the farm itself after drinking fresh sugarcane juice by entire village. So no agricultural produce will go to city. Only finished products will be sold.
  3. Wherever there is limestone, cement will be produced in village itself.
  4. Every SVR will ban the mining of coal. Energy will be produced from sun, wind, rice husk, wood, biogas etc only.
  5. Every SVR will have its planning committee for development of entire village and various sub committees will plan for education, housing, roads, transport, health, safety of life and property, protection of culture, home industries, Family enterprises, village industries, finance, cleanliness of village, women's empowerment, protection of Swaraj and many such committees in which entire village will be involved as per the individual interest.
  6. All the manufacturing activities of the country will be under SVRs in villages preferably at home scale and family scale level. Nothing will be produced in cities.
  7. Wherever production is not possible at village scale only such as car factory, group of SVRs will undertake such production at district level through District Panchayat composed of SVRs in the district.
  8. No big multinational companies will be allowed to work in India.
  9. Company law will be abolished and there will not be any share market in India. Wherever district level group of SVRs is not able to run big enterprise, government will invest money and elite group of people from SVRs will run the such state enterprises without any profit motive.
  10. No any nuclear power plant will be allowed to establish anywhere in India.
  11. Almost all SVRs will be exporting their products produced in the village or nearby villages. Products will include rice, cloth, jaggary, Ayurvedic medicines energy equipments such as solar concentrators, wind turbines, steam engines, Stirling engines, solar panels, machinery including SESMU trains and balloons, machine tools, vehicles, computers, building materials, tiles or any other thing required for comfortable living.
  12. There will be total prohibition for wine, bear, whiskey, cigarettes and other tobacco items.
  13. Every SVR will ban on tobacco cultivation.
  14. Every SVR will ban on import of petroleum in the village.
  15. Every SVR will ban on production or import of fertilizers and pesticides.
  16. Every SVR will ban on export of meat.
    In this way our villages will be really Sovereign Republic and they will make such a tremendous development and they will create such a happiness that paradise will descend on the earth. So our Indian SVRs will become the inspiration to change entire political and economic scenario from highly centralized systems to fully decentralized systems everywhere in the world including Europe and America.
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