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Gandhian Revolution Through Engineering Colleges

I am afraid that very soon engineers will be surplus in our country and they will not get job and will remain unemployed. If majority of fresh graduates will not get any job, it will be huge failure of present education system. I am observing that main objective of engineering colleges have become to prepare slaves for multinational companies who are virtually robbers intending to suck the blood of this country, to take away wealth to Europe and America and increase poverty and thereby make India economically weak and politically slave. Our engineering colleges and management schools play the most important role to fulfil this cunning objective under the guise of so called development. If you have any doubt in this statement, you should read my book VIKAS NO PARDAFASH or original book CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN by John Perkins who has disclosed world conspiracy of exploiting entire world in the name of development. I feel that engineering colleges must change their objective basically not to prepare engineers for job but to prepare them to become small industrialist directly. It is quite possible to train engineering students how to make tiny solar power plants of 5 to 10 kw capacity with a small capital of 5 lakhs of rupees. This much loan is available to engineers from any bank. 3 crores of such tiny solar power plants can be installed in India. There is huge market for export also. Every fresh graduate, if properly trained, can earn Rs 50000/- per month while sitting in his own village, not in any town. Large solar concentrator is very simple low technology item which can be fabricated by village blacksmith once technology is known to them. If you train your students how to make tiny solar power plants, it will create abundant solar power at every farm and power will be surplus everywhere. it will bring revolution in India. I have narrated only one item. Similarly hundreds of items can be produced by engineers. Millions of tiny wind turbines can be produced very cheap in villages. Please go through my article APPEAL TO ENGINEERS and some other articles in my web site. Please go through CREATING HAPPY INDIA which will really make our India happy and strong country. My humble request is to establish GANDHI VICHAR VARTUL (Gandhi Study Circle) in every engineering collage and divert the students to Gandhiji. Every student should read Gandhiji's thinking on Gram Swaraj, rural industries, rural development and western civilization. Our women have very high unique culture on the basis of which we are sustaining. We should not slaughter this culture in the name of development. Our women should be encouraged to preserve our precious traditions of saadi wearing in colleges, to preserve perfect womanhood and rule over men as mothers as per our ancient culture. Woman should not try to become artificial man which creates dangerous situation of fighting between man and artificial man (women distorted to artificial men) as is happening in the west. If you desire to go ahead in this direction and if you want to make suitable changes in your curriculum so as to make engineers as industrialists and not job seeking slaves, my services are absolutely free of cost. I do believe that engineering colleges can make India as the strongest country of the world only in 10 years time.

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