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Engineering Colleges Can Make India As Solar Paradise

Dear Principal, Are you interested that your students take pivotal role in re shaping Indian economy to make the country as solar paradise? Here is the way.

Main source of energy in India is through coal based giant thermal power plants. It is highly polluting industry. If we want to switch over to green energy of solar thermal power plants to replace coal based power plants, 2 crores of tiny solar thermal power plants are required to be established in India. To achieve this purpose, the first necessity is to establish tiny solar thermal power plant in each and every engineering college and to teach the complete technology of making solar concentrators, steam engines, steam turbines at small scale level to all engineering students. If this is done, 80% engineers going to the field after graduation will start making their own business of manufacturing small solar thermal power plants. If 5 lakhs engineers start their own business making small solar thermal power plants and every such engineer makes 10 power plants every year, then only in 6 years time 3 crores of small solar thermal power plants will come up in our villages running tiny textile units, jaggery plants, tiny oil mills, tiny rice mills, water pumping and such village industries which will require roughly 50 lakhs of engineers to make machinery. The present centralized textile industry, sugar industry, oil mills, rice mills and giant thermal power plants will lose their relevance and will be closed down permanently and India will be prosperous paradise in next 2 decades as cherished by Gandhiji.

So it is of utmost importance that every engineering college establishes tiny solar thermal power plant for educational purpose. I may clarify that the cost of tiny solar thermal power plant will be recovered in 2 years because solar concentrators used for generating steam for running solar power plants will be used for free of cost cooking the meals for students.

Please go through the following information about solar concentrators and steam engine and scope of tiny solar thermal power plants. 

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