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Farmers Can Generate 8 Lakh Mw Solar Power In India


Solar power has come as a blessing to the humanity, not only to provide energy to all but to save humanity from the evils of industrial revolution. The biggest evil of industrial revolution in last two centuries is the concentration and centralization of wealth and resources and also huge political powers in the handful of people. So huge factories, mass production, big industrial and financial corporations, large cities, huge network of transport, huge scale mining, giant thermal power houses, giant cement factories, dangerous nuclear power plants, huge dams, huge skyscrapers etc are emerged in the world in the name of development which in fact exploit billions of people, throwing them into starvation and poverty. The net result of the industrial revolution has not increased happiness on the planet but it has increased starvation, poverty, disparity, diseases, hospitals, mafiaism, crimes and offenses, terrorism, wars, unrest, suicides, greed in the human minds, consumerism etc and so humanity has lost the way of peace and happiness.


KW size solar power plants have certain inherent advantages against MW size solar power plants.

(1) MW size solar power plants cannot exist without grid connection. They utilize some energy of grid. They cannot be established off grid. While KW size solar power plants can be established off grid. They do not require any electricity for their operation. So MW size solar power plants are not really independent.
(2) MW size solar power plants require large area of land. Almost 5 acres per MW. For 10 MW solar power plant, 50 acres of land will be required. 100 MW solar power plant will occupy 500 acres of land. This much large space is rarely available. So huge expense of land is involved with every MW size solar power plant. So MW size power plants are not suitable where land is scare or costly. But KW size power plants can be installed very easily in every farm, on roof of homes, shops and factories. 5 KW solar power plant will require 30 sq mt (i.e.6mt x 5 mt) area only. This much space is available everywhere. No special land is required and hence no expense of land for KW size solar power plants.
(3) MW size solar power plants have to feed their energy in to grid at very high voltage say 11000V for one MW and 66000V for 6MW or bigger. So they have to incur huge expenses of heavy step up transformers and sub stations to create and control high voltages. KW size solar power plants can easily create voltage up to 440V by simple inverter. Mostly its generated power is for consumption. But if it is to be fed to grid lines, then also it can be fed at 440V. So no any additional expense.
(4) MW size solar power plants are generally installed near grid lines to minimize expenses to feed power to grid. No such limitation to KW size solar power plants. It can be installed at any place.

In fact any effort to produce solar energy at MW size and to feed into the grid is tantamount to transporting the sunshine from one place to another place. Naturally this will be absolute foolishness. If MW size solar power plants are installed everywhere in the world, no any favourable change will come to the world in favour of peace and happiness. All the evils of industrial civilization will remain intact by way of MW size solar power plants. This is the worst misuse of solar energy.


It is extremely simple. So much simple that difficult to believe.
It is fully automatic. No operator required.
It occupies only 60 sq mt area. say 12 mt x 5 mt. It is 68th part of one acre land.
40 solar panels of 250 W each with inverter controller make 10 kw solar power plant.
It can be installed in one day only.
Once installed, it goes on working for 25 years.
So free electricity for 25 years.
10 KW solar power plant costs only Rs 6 lakhs.
If deposited 6 lakhs in a bank, you get only Rs 48000/-
But solar power plant produces at least 18000 KWH power in a year.
Only power selling fetches Rs 120000/-.
So 20% return on investment.
So it is economically viable.
But if you utilize solar power for water pumping, benefit will be far more.
If you utilize solar power for running industry, benefit will be far more.
So 8 crores farmers should install 10 kw solar power plant.
Then 8 lakh MW power will be produced in farms in rural areas.
Then abundant power in cities. No power cut at all anywhere.
This is the real way of freedom and happiness.
Look video of 3 hp submersible pump running on 3 kw solar panels in my factory.


Solar energy has come as a blessing to solve all these problems and to rectify the major defects in the structure of the society created by industrial revolution. Solar energy is inherently decentralized way of energy production. Sunshine is equally distributed everywhere. So solar power should be generated at the point of consumption and so it must be produced in few KW only. So wherever energy is required, it should be produced there and consumed there. So all the industries related to agriculture can be naturally decentralized at farm scale level. Energy will be required to pump the water in the farm. So 1 KW to 5 KW power will be enough for pumping. It can be produced in the farm itself by solar panels. Energy may be required for agro processing such as flour milling, rice hulling, sugarcane crushing, grain thrashing, cotton ginning, cotton spinning, cloth weaving, wood working, oil milling etc etc. Each of such processes may require 2 to 10 KW power at the most. It can be produced by solar panels. Just use sunshine and get solar power automatically without any manpower. Transmission lines and grid lines will be used to feed excess power in farms which will go to cities and towns.


So looking to above favourable inherent benefits of KW size solar power plants, there exists huge scope for producing local power at every farm for every purpose right for water pumping to any process industry of agricultural produce, at every industry, in every village in every country. It is the real way of happiness through localization.

There exists huge scope of 80 million solar power plants of 10 KW capacity only in the farms of India. I will describe this scope in detail.

There are 9 crore (90 million) farmers in India. Out of them 5 crore farmers are marginal farmers having land 1 hectare or less. So these 5 crore farmers comprising 25 crore population are the poorest farmers and they cannot sustain only on agriculture without some additional income from other sources. Gandhiji also has asserted that poor farmers of India cannot sustain their life without additional income from some home industry. He suggested spinning and weaving activity in every home. But textile industry has been heavily centralized by faulty government policy and it will take many years to decentralize it again in rural homes. But generating solar power in every farm, no matter it may be very small farm, is the easiest way to provide some additional income to really needy farmers. So 10 KW solar power plant is the panacea of this problem. It will drive out poverty and unemployment from India very quickly. 10 KW solar power plant consists of (a) 40 numbers of solar panels of 250 Watt capacity each, size 1 mt x 1.5 mt (b) Supporting structure of fabricated steel for 40 panels i.e. 10 mt x 6 mt (c) Inverter controller to convert low voltage DC power of solar panels to high voltage AC power by which electric motor can be run. So this is the simplest solar power plant which can be commissioned within 2 days only. It is completely automatic not requiring any manpower.

India is blessed with maximum sunshine in the world. We can safely assume 280 clear sky sunny days. Atleast 7 hours energy generation is sure to get. So total annual energy generation will be 280 days x 7 hours x 10 KW =19600 KWH. If electricity companies purchase this power at Rs 6 per KWH, total income to farmer from 10 KW solar power plant will be Rs 117600/-. Complete solar power plant of 10 KW is now available at Rs 6 lakhs. Government must abolish VAT and any other tax. So income of 117600, say 115000 by investing Rs 6 lakhs means 20% return on investment. It means that 10 KW solar power plant has become economically viable and every farmer can afford to install it. Government need not give any subsidy to anybody for installing solar power plants. But government should impress upon all the banks to give finance of Rs 5 lakhs to each and every marginal farmer's wife to establish 10 KW solar power plants. So owners of all solar power plants will be women everywhere. Electricity company must purchase all power generated in farms and they can make 50% payment directly to banks towards instalments to pay debt and interests and remaining 50% to women owners of solar power plants. So NPA will be ZERO. Only this much encouragement will bring huge revolution in our country.Women ownership of solar power plants will greatly empower women to remove social injustice and bring up women's status equal to men.

10 KW solar power plant will occupy only 60 sq mt land, which is just 1/68 acre. It is only 0.6 guntha. 100 guntha becomes 1 hectre. So such a small piece of land remains in every farm rejected by a farmer for any reason. So utilizing only 60 sq mt in 1 hectre is absolutely negligible and it will not affect agricultural production in any way. On the contrary agricultural production will increase because of available power in every farm for water pumping and also because of income of power generation in the farm as farmers' wives will utilize that income in animal husbandry, natural manures and to improve land conditions and agricultural production.

10 KW solar power plant can be installed only in 4 days. If equipments are available, it is not impossible to install 1 crore such solar power plants annually. So in 5 years time, 5 crore solar power plants will come up. This means total installed capacity will be 5 crores x 10 KW = 5 lakh MW. Present installed capacity of all types of power plants is 2 lakh MW. So there will be surplus power everywhere. Power cut in cities will be matter of past. No pending application for power connection. It will be immediately available. So real industrial progress will start after power becomes surplus.

But so far we have considered only marginal farmers. There are 2 crores of farmers in somewhat better conditions having land 1 hectare to 3 hectare. They also can install 10 KW solar power plants in their farms. Moreover there are still 2 crores farmers having land more than 3 hectares. These are comparatively richer farmers. They can afford to install 10 KW solar power plant without any bank facility. So again 2 crores of such solar power plants will come up. So on the whole 9 crores of farmers can install roughly 9 crores of solar power plants of 10 KW ideally. But let us assume that practically 8 crores of farmers power plants of 10 KW will come up. So 8 lakh MW capacity of farmers only. Again urban people, factory owners, institutes having large buildings, hospitals, colleges etc will install roof top power plants which may account for one lakh MW. Adding the present capacity of 2 lakh MW, it will be 11 lakh MW. Then India will be a glorious country inspiring all other countries of the world how to solve power problem and how to bring happiness to common masses.

So no land acquisition required. No eviction of people from their homes. No coal mining necessary. No uranium to be imported. No nuclear power plants required. Not to supplicate western countries for giving power technology. Only 10 KW Solar power plants will make a miracle.

But what about equipments? Present capacity of manufacturing solar cells and solar panels is just nominal. For establishing 1 crore solar power plants of 10 Kw each, we require manufacturing capacity of solar cells and solar panels of 1 lakh MW. But present capacity is only 2000 MW. It must be increased 50 times higher. So government must give incentives to solar cell manufacturers and solar panel manufacturers. At least income tax must be abolished for manufacturers of solar cells and solar panels. Then thousands of new unit will come into manufacturing and capacity of 1 lakh MW will be reached in 1 or 2 years. After we have installed 8 crores of 10 Kw solar power plants, entire India’s production of solar cells and solar panels will be exported for other countries. There also roughly 24 lakh MW power in the form of 24 crores of 10 KW solar power plants is required to create peace and happiness throughout the world. To achieve this target, government should ban new MW size power plants whether solar or thermal or nuclear. Present MW size power plants may continue for power requirement at night until that requirement is met by wind turbines and tiny biomass power plants in farms and villages. 


If this happens, evils such as terrorism, wars, world level exploitation, poverty, starvation, unemployment, urbanization etc will disappear. it will be greatest tribute to Gandhiji. Then heaven of happiness will descend on India. Picture will be more or less as under:-

  1. Electricity generation 5 times in 10 years.
  2. Entire generation in small farms through tiny solar power plants.
  3. Electricity will flow in reverse direction - from farms to cities.
  4. Agricultural based industries such as textile, sugar, jaggery, cooking oil, rice will be decentralized in small farms.
  5. Poverty and unemployment will be matter of past.
  6. Villages will have high rise multi storeyed buildings.
  7. Prosperity will overflow in villages.
  8. 25% population of cities will be reduced as they will shift to villages.
  9. So slums will be abolished automatically.
  10. Land prices in cities will fall down to 25% only.
  11. Land prices in villages will increase by 4 times.
  12. No billionaire, No MNCs, No share market, No petroleum import.
  13. No coal mining, no pollution, no eviction of farmers, no nuclear power plants, no slavery.
  14. Entire world will be astonished with this revolution.
  15. India will become World Guru.
  16. Victory victory victory for Gandhiji's vision.
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