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Letter To Jaggery Producers

Dear Jaggery producers,

Jaggery production is the sacred activity. Every person eating jaggery gets satisfaction . Jaggery is very much nutritious for human body. Gandhiji has asserted that every person should get 30 to 40 grams of jaggery. So jaggery is primary requirement of every person. To satisfy this primary requirement of the society is really pious activity. It is your good luck that you are involved in this pious activity.

One can earn PUNYA by doing any activity beneficial to society with high sense of service and with dedication. And one can earn PAAP by doing any activity deliberately knowing that it is detrimental to the society. One has to suffer such PAAP for many births.

I have come to know that some jaggery producers produce deliberately poor quality jaggery to sell it wine producers. Wine is highly harmful product. One who drinks wine, looses his senses and beats his own wife. Drunkard person waste his own income in wine and his wife and children suffer starvation. So in every way wine production is production of PAAP. It can be easily understood that PAAP generated by beating of goddess like women because of wine only is passed on to the wine producers and jaggery suppliers to wine producers. So think in the bottom of your heart, how much big bundles of PAAP jaggery producers are earning, if they sell their jaggery to the wine producers for the shake of only money. Besides you have a bright opportunity to earn PUNYA by producing good quality jaggery for human consumption. But by loosing that opportunity and by making poor quality jaggery for wine you will earn PAAP. SO how much is this foolishness.Every person should fear god and should avoid to commit sin, no matter earning is less. But morality, honesty, good conduct, can not me thrown. and sin earning activity should not be undertaken. So producers of bidi, cigarette, tambaku earn sin by their activity. Tobacco producer farmers surly fall in to sin. Every farmer who knows that vegetables grown with pesticides causes cancer and still he produces such vegetables and sells in the market is surly commits offense of god. Person who knows that to extract more milk from buffalo by injection and using this milk invites diseases and still he uses injection to milk buffalo definitely commit sin.

Similarly jaggery producing farmer knows that his jaggery is to be utilized for wine making and still he helps to wine producers by selling his poor quality jaggery definitely commit sin.So if you fear god, if you want to save yourself from sin, then do not produce poor quality jaggery for wine. Instead you make best quality jaggery for human consumption. Now a days most of the jaggery producers use sodium hydro sulfide( which is poisonous chemical)and is used just to make the jaggery attractive yellow.But in doing so you commit sin. Now people understand that jaggery made with this chemical is very bad. And even if jaggery without chemical is better, no matter it may blackish. Now all common people understand this. So you must stop to make the jaggery poisonous by using chemicals. Our all deed should be PUNYA KARYA , our agriculture, our profession, our business etc must be full of morality, ethics, spirituality, feeling of people welfare, good conduct. If we act this way then our country can be considered as PUNYA BHUMI. Our womens are real goddess. If man also make their activity sacred then they become tantamount to god and entire our country will be DEVBHOOMI. and India will become a paradise on these earth.

"sarvatra divyata vyapo, sarvtra shanti vistaro. " 

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