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Farmer’s Own Power House

Farmers are most neglected class of the society in India. Farmers are the poorest class of the society in India. Farmers are the most miserable people in India. Farmers are suffering the biggest injustice from the government in India. Even though farmers are in majority in India, they are the worst sufferer. Their whole life goes in to miseries and miseries. Happiness is the dream for them. 
What is the reason for this ? How they can become happy ?
I found out the reason. Unless they have their own power, they can never become happy. Until they depend on grid power coming from far away distance, they can never be happy. Farmers have experienced in last 70 years that whatever power is produced in giant power houses, it is snatched away by big industrialists, big factory owners, billionaires, millionaires and urban people. 

Happiness is generated  from the power. If you have power, you can run some machines and process your agricultural produce and get extra income. If you have power, you enjoy the life without toiling hard labour. If you have no power, you simply go on putting hard labour and drudgery without any fruitful income. 

So it is of utmost importance that farmers must produce their own power. They have agricultural waste, wood etc to burn and produce steam power. Only 2 equipments are required. One is boiler which generates steam by burning wood or waste products. And another is steam engine which consumes steam and revolves and drives any machine such as water pump, flour mill, maize mill, sugarcane crusher, rice huller, oil expeller, thresher, ginning machine, electricity generator or any other machine which will give benefit to farmer.

So to make these 2 equipments i.e. boiler and steam engine is not so much hard and not so much expensive. I have developed highly efficient tiny boiler which can generate steam only in 5 minutes and  can drive 10 hp steam engine which I have already developed.  So this tiny boiler and steam engine both collectively make 10 hp steam power plant which becomes farmer’s own power house. This tiny power house owned by farmers does not cost more than 1.5 lakh Rupees (US $ 2500/-). If mass produced, cost will come down to 1 lakh rupees(US $ 2000/-).
 So once farmer has this power plant, he can run the power plant to process his agricultural products in to finished product and earn  good income and then he will be really happy person. He will enjoy real freedom and real happiness. He will be least concerned whether grid power comes or not. He will be least concerned even though electricity rates go up by 100 times. He is fully independent.  He has his own power. Then he will rule the world.  Great revolution will come if millions of farmers have their own power houses i.e. tiny steam power plants. Present day heavily centralized giant economies of the world will crumble down. Dominance of Europe and USA will disappear from the planet and small farmers throughout the world will dominate the world economy.

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