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My World Vision For Localization

I am enemy of all big industries.

So I am enemy of big power plants also.
So I am enemy of big solar power plants also.
Transporting sunshine is foolish and impossible.
So solar power should be produced wherever it is consumed.

To produce solar power is simple thing.

Solar panels are available everywhere.

It gives direct electricity for water pumping or running any machine.
It is blessing to humanity.
Every farmer can have it in his farm.
However It is simple to make boiler to produce steam.

Any trained rural technician can do it.

Burn agricultural waste in the boiler and produce steam.
This steam will run steam engine.

Connect generator with it and you produce electricity.

It is simple to make small wind turbines.

Multiply by 250 million and you will have plenty of power everywhere in the world.

So giant thermal power plants and atomic power plants are not required.
So giant hydro electric plants not necessary.
So big dams not required.

Grid lines are also not required.

Complicated technology makes simple thing complicated.

 I believe in home scale family size industries.

It is simple to make cloth.

Dhaka's MULMUL(very fine cloth) was produced on simple tools worth 50 dollars.

It is still not produced by sophisticated textile mills.

So textile mills are not required.

Gin your cotton in the farm by solar power with 5 hp motor.

Spin your cotton in your farm by solar power with 1 to 2 hp motors.

Weave your yarn in your village by solar power with 1 hp motor.

This much will increase rural wealth by 8 times.

Multiply by 50 million and you will produce cloth for entire world.

Baling the cotton reduces durability of cloth by 20%.

Half the machinery of textile mill is due to heavily pressed bales.

Remember, centralization creates complications.

Complicated technology makes simple thing complicated.

 Big sugar factories are evils. ( I worked as MD of sugar factory before 39 years.)

Sugar is harmful to health. It has 59 dangerous side effects. Beware of it.

Jaggery is hygienic. Sugarcane juice is the best healthy drink.
A small sugarcane juicer running on 1 hp solar motor can crush 1 tonne in 5 hours.
It will produce 2500 glasses of juice, each of 250ml.
So enjoy fresh sugarcane juice whenever you like.
Consume sugarcane for juice drinking.
Discard wine whisky Coca Pepsi and soft drinks in bottles.

However It is simple to produce jaggery.

10hp steam engine can drive sugarcane crusher to crush 24 tonnes/day.

Boiling the juice makes delicious jaggery.

Multiply such units by one million and entire world can enjoy sweets everyday.

one tone sugarcane gives 140 kg jaggery,

But one tonne sugarcane gives only 100 kg sugar.

So sugar factories waste 30 million tonnes molasses making it non edible.

So sugar factories are not required.

Complicated technology makes simple thing complicated.

It is simple to produce rice from paddy.

5hp steam engine can drive rice huller to mill 5 tonnes of paddy in 12 hours.

Rice husks can make steam to drive steam engine.

So you become independent of external power.

Multiply such units by one million and entire world can enjoy rice locally.
Big rice mills waste millions of tonnes of precious food in the name of polishing.

Polished rice is harmful to health.

Unpolished rice is really nutritious and hygienic.
So big rice mills are evils.
So big rice mills are not required.

Complicated technology makes simple thing complicated.

It is simple to press any oilseed and to get oil.

It is simple to provide pure natural fresh edible oil to all.

10 hp steam engine can run small oil expeller with filter press.

Multiply by one million and all the oilseeds of the world will be crushed.

Big oil mills and refineries are evils. Tiny oil mills are blessing.
They exploit the people, adulterate oil, cause cancer by refining oil.
My tiny oil mills are running successfully in 86 countries.

Complicated technology makes simple thing complicated.

 Cement is not mysterious product.

Burn limestone powder with clay by coal dust and you get cement.

It is simple to produce cement and lime.

10hp steam engine will make limestone powder for one tonne cement per day.
Then mix with clay and coal powder and make nodules by adding water.
Burn in a simple kiln, get clinker, grind it to get cement.

Multiply by 2 million and all the people will get cement at negligible cost.

Giant cement plants are not essential for it.

Complicated technology makes simple thing complicated.

Water pumping is backbone of our agriculture and irrigation.
5 to 10 Hp solar pumps can do excellent job of water pumping from any depth.
We are unnecessarily depending on grid power.
Freedom from grid power is the most valuable freedom.
Let us strive for freedom from governments, freedom from big companies.
Let us enjoy independence, freedom and liberty through localization.

 British Empire was built and was expanded simply by big steam engines.

Present globalization and centralization can be broken simply by local power.
In this picture, no big factories, no big companies, no multinational corporations. No stock market. No acquisition of land. No displacement of people.

Local production and local consumption. Minimum transport.

No big cities, no exploitation,no billionaires.

Small farms, small farmers. Self reliant life style.

Everybody works, everybody enjoys tension free happy life.

People become stronger, Government becomes weaker.

This is true democracy.

 This is what Mahatma Gandhi wanted. He asserted that "Precondition of happy society is that all the means of production of primary needs of people must be in the hands of common masses." Do not centralize it. He also asserted "We must learn how to make appropriate use of steam and electricity."

 We have betrayed Gandhiji and we are betraying him at every moment.

We are killing Gandhiji at every moment.

 Sooner or later, entire world has to go on this path.

If Europe and America can adopt this path, world will become paradise.

(75 years engineer promoting people's own power)
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