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Why Not Steam Powered Jaggery Plant?

You have taken interest in jaggery plant, particularly steam powered jaggery plant so that sugarcane crusher will be driven by steam engine and you will not require any diesel engine or electric motor. Evidently this scheme is highly beneficial to jaggery plant owners, because very expensive diesel consumption worth thousands of dollars will be saved. Total benefit of 10 years will go to very high savings. Against this benefit, you have to purchase one steam engine of 20 HP from me one waste heat boiler.

 So far hundreds of farmers and entrepreneurs have approached to me for steam powered jaggery plant and some of them have visited me personally also. And I have explained my scheme of minimum investment and getting huge benefit from it.

 My mission is to make farmers independent from external power, to make steam powered jaggery plant highly profitable so that big sugar factories can not compete to jaggery producers and spread health promoting jaggery throughout the world instead of harmful sugar. There are 30000 jaggery plants working in India. My scheme and aim is to make all jaggery plants power independent with free steam power from waste heat of the chimney and save millions of dollars being spent on diesel. That way, import of diesel also can be reduced to some extent. So benefit to government also. In every way my scheme is highly attractive.

But somehow people have not come forward to implement my scheme. Most of the farmers argue that " Show me the running plant" I am living in the crowded city. We have no sugarcane or jaggery plants in our area. Sugarcane is not grown here due to lack of water. So how can I show running jaggery plant by steam? I manufactured one sample boiler and kept ready for farmers to understand it What more I can do for them? Is it not a duty of jaggery producers to make an experiment wherein there is no any risk of failure? I acted with a pure heart with very good intension to become helpful to our farmers community to encourage them, to promote them and to make them prosperous, but somehow farmers fail to appreciate my whole hearted cooperation.

However, one farmer in Belgaum district in Karnataka, Shri Ramchandran (mobile no. 00919448829269) properly appreciated my activity, purchased one 20 HP steam engine, understood from me how to manufacture boiler and how to test it and they successfully manufactured water tube boiler and tested it at 600 psi and is now running the steam engine for pumping water from river in a huge quantity in 6 inch pipe line which they take away to 3000ft away. He also tested steam engine for sugarcane crushing. The boiler they manufactured is wood fired boiler. Waste heat boiler is far simpler and far cheaper boiler. Still this activity is not going ahead. So I have to sell my steam engines and boilers in foreign countries to run my factory. In fact my keen desire is to become helpful to farmers so that they can become independent of grid power or diesel and they become prosperous.
 Please let me know what is your thinking in this matter? Are you running jaggery plant? Are you using diesel?
 What is the reason that my appeal did not reach to your heart? I am 72 years young engineer aspiring to uplift farmers and so I am working very hard to develop various technology for jaggery making, for tiny oil mills, for tiny cotton spinning units, for tiny thermal power plants, tiny solar power plants, solar cookers and so on.
Even if you think purely for selfish motive, then also my proposal of steam powered jaggery plants is highly attractive for you. Can you tell me why it is not attractive to you?
 I am eager to get your reply.

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