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Letter To Our Prime Minister - All Solutions At a Stretch

Date 24-11-2015

Honorable shri Narendrabhai,

When you were at Gandhinagar as CM, I used to write many letters which you read and appreciated also.

But this letter is the most important of all.

So if you want to make our villages overflowing with prosperity, if you want to provide independent self business to crores of people, if you want to increase electricity generation up to 5 times i. e. 10 lakh MW only by solar, if you want to double the agricultural production, if you wan to abolish poverty and unemployment for ever from India, if you desire to gain and retain your popularity and serve as Prime Minister for next 20 years, if you like to become world leader, then kindly read my following suggestions. Whatever I am suggesting below is really panacea of present situation to solve all problems at a stretch.

  1. Enforce the banks immediately to provide loans up to 6 lakhs at reduced rates of interest to purchase 10 kw solar power plant to 8 crores wives of small farmers having land of 4 hectares or less.
  2. No need to give single rupee subsidy to farmers. So no any expense of subsidy to Government.
  3. 10 kw solar power plant shall generate 20000 KWHs annually. Please enforce electricity companies to purchase all such surplus electricity which farmer will not consume at Rs 6/- per KWH compulsorily. Then each farmer's wife will have income of Rs 120000/- annually.
  4. All this surplus electricity will go to grid. Electricity Company will make 50% payment to Banks to pay installments of loan and remaining 50% will be credited to the bank account of farmer's wife. From this income, she will purchase cows and will increase milk production. So animal husbandry will be greatly promoted.
  5. Wives of farmers must get loan at their homes, no bureaucracy, no harassment, no forms to be filled up, no any fee, no any deposit to be paid. Please impose tight responsibility on banks and electricity companies.
  6. Please abolish all taxes including income tax, VAT, sales tax on solar panels and raw materials consumed in making solar panels. Please abolish custom duty in import of solar cells. Then production of solar panels must increase 50 to 100 times in one year only. Kindly declare all possible incentives for solar panels manufacturing.
  7. Kindly ensure that no any bureaucracy may harass to farmers under the excuse of non agriculture use when they establish and run cottage and small industries by solar power in their farms as not even 1% land is used in such industries without affecting agricultural production at all. Kindly declare by newspaper advertisements that up to 2% use of land in industries, no any non agriculture rule is violated as agricultural production is not affected at all.
  8. This much is enough. If this much is done, all villages will become paradise in a few years and poverty, starvation, unemployment, mal nutrition will disappear very fast. Small farms of India will flourish with various kinds of industries. Cooking oil, rice, jaggery, cloth etc will be produced in farms by solar power at cottage and tiny scales only. Two crores of pumps will work with solar power only. So agricultural production will be doubled. No grid connection necessary to them.
  9. Installed capacity of farmers only will be 8 lakh MW. So no power cut in cities at all. For any industry, power connection will be available in 24 hours only. Electricity will be surplus everywhere. Where to dispose will be problem. No any new giant power house will be needed. Delhi, Mumbai etc will get electricity from millions of farms.
  10. Cities and towns also will become heavenly. Urban population will reduce to 75% as 25% living in slums will go to villages. So automatically slums will disappear. Governments will not need any budget for the schemes to expand water supply, drainage, electricity, roads, housing etc in cities.
  11. 600 crores kg of lint cotton (350 lakh bales) will be ginned in farms by solar power, will be spinned in farms by solar power and will be weaved in farms by 75 lakh solar powered looms. No any bale binding. No any export of single bale. Once solar power is available in farms, appropriate machinery to spin the cotton and weave the cloth will be developed by people in no time. No any Government effort will be required. Industrial development will be unimaginable.
  12. Injustice to women will be reduced to negligible extent. It will be splendid fact that 8 crores of solar power plants will be owned by women. So purpose of women empowerment will be served fully. Entire world will be astonished to look this scene. India will become world Guru. All the countries of the world will come to you to get your advice and to follow you. Europe and USA also will follow you and will discard their exploitative policies.
  13. To achieve this objective, Banks have to make finance of 8 crores solar plants x 6 lakh rupees each = 48 lakh crones to farmers' wives. Out of this huge amount, not a single rupee will be bad debt. So NPA will be really zero. In the history of banks, this will be the safest and the most secured loan. FDI is not necessary at all.
  14. If you implement my suggestions, then you will get blessings from 125 crores hearts so much that you will be elected up to next 20 years without any further effort of election propaganda.
  15. To explain this scheme of 8 crores solar power plants in farms, I have written 56 page booklet in Gujarati KHETRE KHETRE SOLAR POWER which I am sending herewith. Also my Hindi book GAVON KA NAVSARJAN is enclosed herewith. I hope your responsible officer will read it and appraise you.
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