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Solar Power Plants MW or KW

Solar power has come as a blessing to the humanity, not only to provide energy to all but to save humanity from the evils of industrial revolution. The biggest evil of industrial revolution in last two centuries is the concentration and centralization of wealth and resources and also huge political powers in the handful of people. So huge factories, mass production, big industrial and financial corporations, big cities, huge network of transport, huge scale mining, giant thermal power houses, giant cement factories, huge dams, huge skyscrapers etc are emerged in the world which exploit billions of people, throwing them into starvation and poverty. The net result of the industrial revolution has not increased happiness on the planet but it has increased war, disparity, diseases, hospitals, mafia ism, crimes and offenses, terrorism, unrest, suicides, poverty, greed in the human minds, consumerism etc and so humanity has lost the way of peace and happiness.

Solar energy has come as a blessing to solve all these problems and to rectify the major defects in the structure of the society created by industrial revolution. Solar energy is inherently decentralized way of energy production. Sunshine is equally distributed everywhere. So solar energy should be generated at the point of consumption and so it must be produced in few KW only. So wherever energy is required, it should be produced there and consumed there. So all the industries related to agriculture can be naturally decentralized at farm scale level. Energy will be required to pump the water in the farm. So 5 to 10 KW power will be enough for pumping. It can be produced in the farm itself by solar panels or by solar concentrators. Energy may be required for agro processing such as flour milling, rice hulling, sugarcane crushing, grain thrashing, cotton ginning, cotton spinning, cloth weaving, milk boiling, oil milling etc. Each of such processes may require 5 to 10 KW power at the most. It can be produced by solar panels or by solar concentrators. No transmission lines and grid lines necessary. Everywhere there will be equal blessing of god. Just use sunshine and get solar power. So any effort to produce solar energy at MW size and to feed into the grid is tantamount to transporting the sunshine from one place to another place. Naturally this will be absolute foolishness. I feel that many people working for solar energy have not understood the true blessing of the god inherent in solar energy. They try to protect the present day exploitative centralized economic structure system by erecting MW size solar power plants. If MW size solar power plants are produced everywhere in the world, no any favorable change will come to the world in favor of peace and happiness. All the evils of industrial civilization will remain intact by way of MW size solar power plants. This is the worst misuse of solar energy.

Solar energy should be used for total economic revolution to abolish all vested interests and so called centralized giant economic power houses and centralized giant electric power houses. If solar energy is used to protect the evils of centralization, then solar energy will not remain as a blessing. It will be proved as curse to the humanity to enslave the billions of people. So real blessing is to utilize solar energy for decentralized home scale and village scale industries. e.g. cotton can be spun simply by 70 watt power with 8 spindle spinning machine running in the home and converting 1 kg lint cotton into yarn everyday. This will give supplementary income to house mother who runs the spinning machine by solar energy and will increase her income while looking after the home simultaneously. Four crores of families in rural ares can be benefited by this activity. So naturally all the textile mills will die there natural death. All the oil seeds will be crushed in the small expellers by 5 to 10 HP solar power, produced in the farm itself. So present big oil mills and refineries will have to be closed down and all the evils of adulteration, speculation, hoarding etc will vanish and natural cooking oil will be available to every home at quite reasonable price. Small sugarcane farmers will install jaggery plants in their own farms and produce natural organic jaggery to make available to entire population of the world. So all sugar factories of white poison will die their natural death. All rice producing farmers will install small rice hullers in their farms which will be running from solar energy or rice husk energy. So big rice mills will be out of picture.

In this way three crores of solar concentrators from 20 SQ MT to 100 SQ MT can be installed in small farms and villages, producing 2 lakh MW power in a decentralized way. Similarly further 2 lakh MW solar power can be produced from photo voltaic solar panels of 50 watt to 10 KW. Lakhs of small factories can run on 5 to 10 KW solar panels. Entire industrial activity will be decentralized on a need based system abolishing present day greed based system. In this way whole economic structure will be established on solar power. So MW scale solar power plants are not required at all. So to create MW scale solar power plant is to protect the present day exploitative economic structure and their vested interests.

So my appeal to solar engineers is that they should concentrate their efforts not on MW size solar power plants, but they should limit their activity to KW size solar power plants and to make it popular. It is very clear that creating MW size solar power plants and thereby protecting exploitative structure is clearly technology for death and technology for war. Conversely creating KW size solar power plants and thus to promote decentralized production systems is clearly technology for peace and happiness. I hope solar engineers will keep this difference in mind and will work for peace and happiness for humanity and not for war and exploitation. 

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