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One Million Balloons Can Fly In Indian Sky

Indian entrepreneurs and technicians are highly skillful to develop any type of machines. Some technicians have tremendous talent by which they can make the machine simply by the description of requirement and imagination.  Problem is that they all imitate Europe and America. They do not have independent vision of making our villages far stronger than Europe and America. We should visualize that our requirement may be quite different than Europe and America. So we should evolve our own technology suitable for our needs.

India lives in villages. If people can realize the value of democracy and strength of their votes, then sooner or later all Indian villages will become Sovereign Village Republics (SVRs) as Gandhiji cherished. Every SVR will be overflowing with  prosperity in their villages and there will be highly skilled, highly talented,  highly learned and highly wealthy and healthy  people living in every village. So our Sovereign Village Republics will be far smarter than the smart cities proposed by our Prime Minister Narendrabhai Modi. They will possess vitality and vision to make the entire world happy. So they will develop technology most suitable for their Sovereign Village Republics.

It is quite possible that they may develop planes for 4 to 6 passengers and it is quite possible that such planes may be manufactured in thousands of villages in India. It is not so much complicated that it can not be made in villages. But as far as I perceive the future, it is more probable that our SVRs will develop balloons for transporting human beings from villages to villages, from villages to towns, from towns to towns and from villages to cities. Balloons are easier to manufacture. Technology is very simple to understand. Balloons will consume almost 25% fuel per km compared to planes. Moreover balloons can utilize wind power to economize fuel. No matter speed of the balloons will be less than planes. I am sure that  our SVRs  will have a vision to make the people happy and to create comfort for them rather than craze for the speed. So technology of the balloons is the most appropriate for the Indian situation. Europe and America are crazy for speed. As soon as they discovered speedy planes, they discarded balloons even though highly comfortable balloons with cabins and restaurants like steamers as huge as carrying 600 people were plying between London and New York. But it took 2 days and hence they discarded.

But our SVRs will be wise people to create happiness for the people. Pregnant woman can be immediately shifted to town at the time of delivery or any complication. Any person working in the farm may have a snake bite and may require immediate treatment. Balloon can be blessing there to reach doctor to the farm and treat the victim immediately. People may be working in the farms and suddenly flood may come in rivers due to heavy  upstream rain. Balloon service will be blessing there to save the life of the people.  So all our Sovereign Village Republics will desire to own their own balloon, one or more. Even for pleasure trips and for economic survey of crops and commodity prices, our SVRs will utilize the service of balloons which will be surely cheaper than surface taxi. So I can foresee the future that our half million Sovereign Village Republics will be owning one million balloons which will be always flying in the Indian sky and will be saving huge quantity of fuel otherwise being wasted by surface transport.

Please be sure that this is not wishful thinking. This is most practical thinking which can be transformed into reality. There are 200 websites on internet describing how to manufacture balloons.  Anybody can deeply study it and start manufacturing. Nothing is impossible. It is not too costly and beyond the reach of SVRs.

Here people will have a question where from our SVRs will get money? If they are really Sovereign Village Republics, they will have sovereign powers to demand 80% share per capita from the government budgets and government will have no courage to deny it if they are really SVRs and recognize their voting power.  Present Indian central government has annual per capita budget of Rs.14000/-. Our SVRs  if fully determined, they can get Rs. 11000/- per capita as their legitimate right. Almost similar is per capita budget of state governments. So every SVR can get per capita Rs.11000/- from central government and Rs. 11000/- from state government every year. This means that SVR of 3000 population will get Rs. 66 million [(Rs. 11000/- + Rs. 11000/- ) * 3000]  every year from budget share. This much money coming every year will be more than enough to make every village just like paradise. This system of allocating budget per capita directly to villages is prevailing every where in Europe. Then why not in India?

So sooner or later when people will be awakened, they will demand their share from the budget and government has to allocate it. Then and then real Swaraj will come and that Swaraj will create paradise for all.

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