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Sesmu Trains

There are DEMU and MEMU trains in India. These are smaller trains connecting small towns to bigger cities or bigger stations on main lines. But still there is no any train facility to lakhs of villages. When our villages will be out of the clutch of government and of government supported big multinational companies and when they will realize the importance of their voting power, they will establish themselves as Sovereign Village Republics (SVRs). Then such SVRs will have vision of strength of Swadesi in their life, and they will realize vast opportunities for getting prosperity and development in villages. First of all such Sovereign Village Republics will have all the powers of law making of parliament, implementing their own laws and also powers of justice of Supreme Court. Then they will be getting 75 to 80% share from the government budget on per capita basis. So all these Sovereign Village Republics will think of making their own railway line from village to the nearest town falling on main railway line. These Sovereign Village Republics will be highly developed in technology and they will be capable of building their own railway either by individual SVR or by a group of SVRs. This railway line will be narrow gauge line with only 2 to 3 coaches for passengers as well as for goods transport as per requirement and it will be powered by solar photo voltaic electricity during the day and and by steam in the morning and evening. It will not work during the night. So it will be fully environment friendly. I call it SESMU train i.e. Solar Electric Steam Multiple Unit just like DEMU or MEMU train. So evidently SESMU train will be more modern version of DEMU train and more environment friendly. It will have better facility inside the train also. So it will be really splendid train of SVR ownership. Top and sides of the coaches will be fully covered by solar panels. It will not be too fast train. It will be linking village to village and mostly to nearby town. It will be used for transporting vegetables, milk, grain,cloth etc to nearby town. Also this train will be used to transport factory workers from town to village because all SVRs will have small factories for producing edible oil, jaggery, sugar, rice, cloth, building materials and also for agriculture machinery, pumps, electric vehicles, SESMU trains and even balloons. So there will be always shortage of men power in villages and hence town people will be working in villages. SESMU Trains will be slow trains. But it will not be a problem. So with less Horse power it will run. It will not make any profit. It will provide transport service to the people including for marriages and social occasions and it will ply as per the desire of the people. So people and children will really enjoy their own train. Every Sovereign Village Republic or group of it will establish their own railway mostly free of cost for the village people.

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