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Anti Social Entrepreneuership

Before some years one foreigner visited me and he described me as social entrepreneur. I asked what is social entrepreneurship? He clarified that you are taking care of the society and to solve its problem through your business. So people like you are social entrepreneurs. So I said that everybody doing the business must care for society, must observe ethical values in the business and should ensure that business should not adversely affect the society. So my business should not result into increase of unemployment, poverty, disparity etc. I am earning from the society. So it is my duty that my business should not result into exploitation of the society. But he argued that no business class thinks like you think. Only a few people like you take care for positive impact of your business on the society. So such people like you are called social entrepreneurs. So I immediately reacted that what is not social is invariably anti social. It is evident that business people who are not social entrepreneurs must be evidently anti social entrepreneurs. And every anti social activity must be banned by the government if government is pro people. But I have painfully observed throughout the world that no any government is pro people. Every where government is supporting so called anti social entrepreneurs in exploiting the society in the name of development. So there are miseries in the society and miseries and evils are increasing in the society. What is then development? Is it something which creates happiness? I think people presume that development creates happiness. Then let us analyse what is happiness. Very nice wide highways connecting big cities is not the sign of happiness. Big cities with tall buildings is not the sign of happiness. Fast air conditioned trains and planes is not the sign of happiness. Big factories producing mass products is not the sign of happiness. Big universities, colleges, hospitals,administrative buildings etc is not the sign of happiness. Happiness lies in freedom. Freedom of earning the livelihood without any body's interference, without any tension, without any exploitation, without any helplessness is the real happiness. Freedom lies in working for self, not for others. Free independent farmer with his own land producing grains, vegetables, pulses, fruits etc must be the happiest person on the earth, if he is not exploited. But such a life is considered primitive and outdated. So development does not recognize such a simple, innocent but happy life. So development means tall buildings, wide highways, large cities, giant factories in which millions of people work just as economic slaves. There is no happiness at all in it. So development process destroys the freedom and makes the people economic slaves working for others against their own desire. So development destroys the happiness. It creates miseries of artificial life and its diseases. This is for those who get benefit of development. But vast majority of population become the victim of development and they are thrown into starvation to make development. 4 billion people have already been thrown into starvation. And development for what? After lot of study and observations of the situation throughout the world, I found that development means development of big exploitative companies, development of big exploitative technology, development of big automatic complicated machinery snatching away the work of thousands of people and throwing away them into starvation. And development for whom? It is evident and open that development is for the owners of the exploitative companies. Development is for capitalist people who own the capital. So really development is for a few wealthy people only. Development is not for common masses. Development is not for billions of people. Development is for special privileged class of people who are capitalists, industrialists, company owners, bank owners, politicians, government bureaucrats etc.

So present development develops this special class by concentrating wealth and resources in a few hands. More is the concentration of the wealth and resources, the smaller is this special class of wealthy people. If they are only 100, then entire development of world is only for 100 people. If they are one million, then entire development is for one million people. If they are 1% population, then entire development for 1%. But certainly not for rest of the people. Millions and millions of people work for the so called development and they get a little benefit from them by way of big salaries and perks. Only a handful of them are decision makers who become the part of wealthy class. The others are simply slaves of the process of development and they have not to use their brain and go on working as per the prescribed system for them. They are really helpless people working for their livelihood and luxuries they get. Just for the sake of big salaries and special privileges, they run this unjust system and exploit the entire world in favour of their bosses. So they all are engaged in anti social activity. So wherever there is a exploitation resulting into unemployment, poverty, starvation, it is surely anti social entrepreneurship. Wherever there is a compulsion to work against his own desire, it is anti social entrepreneurship. Wherever there is huge salary abnormal to living standard of common masses, it is anti social entrepreneurship. Wherever huge disparity is created, it is anti social entrepreneurship. Wherever there is large scale marketing without thinking of morality, it is anti social entrepreneurship. All kinds of advertisement is the result of anti social entrepreneurship. Anti social entrepreneurship creates miseries. Development has nothing to do with happiness of people. It is mostly connected with miseries and economic slavery of people. So we must abolish anti social entrepreneurship. This is possible only by boycotting goods and services produced by anti social entrepreneurs. This is the only way to save the world from draconian form of development.

But really can we boycott the products of anti social entrepreneurs? Yes. We can do it if we have firm determination. Thousands of people in Europe and America like to live off grid. They boycott grid power. One who can boycott grid power certainly can boycott other goods. In India it is very easy to boycott products of anti social entrepreneurs. Because many things are produced by farmers and by small industries which can be regarded as innocent industries or which can be regarded as social entrepreneurs. Grains can be purchased directly from farmers. Milk can be purchased directly from those who supply directly from farmers. Cloths can be made in homes and villages if systematic efforts are made. Soaps can be made in homes and villages. Cooking gas can be generated in homes from kitchen waste. Solar energy, wind energy and biomass energy can be employed in homes and farms for lights and for running light industries. Edible oil can be produced in villages. Rice hulling can be done in villages. Jaggery can be made in farms itself. All such village scale industries are social enterprises. Footwear can be made in villages. In fact Indian villages where self reliant villages before 60 years and they are self reliant villages partially even at present. They can be made fully self reliant by people's initiative if we understand futility of so called development. So every person concerned for the society should understand the present development in its true form and start acting immediately how we can boycott the goods of anti social entrepreneurs and how we can evolve alternative products to make our life self reliant. Then and then real freedom and real happiness will come.

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