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Reducing Transport By Localization

Our Strategies Must Be

  • To reduce transport and stop importing petroleum.
  • To stop mining of coal and close down thermal power plants.
  • To close down nuclear power plants and avoid inherent risk of atomic disaster. This can be achieved in 10 years only. The biggest evil for environment is TRANSPORT
  • Diesel consumption in India is 65 million tonnes per annum out of which:
    1. Transport – 70%
    2. Industry – 10 %
    3. Agriculture – 12 %
    4. Power Generation – 8 %
    5. Total = 100 %
  • Look at the Unnecessary Transport
    1. PADDY Production: 20 crore tones 2 crore trucks needed to transport entire paddy to rice mills. Assume only 100 km average distance (coming and going). Then every truck will consume 25 litres. So total consumption: 50 crore litre = 5,00,000 ton. If we process paddy into farms by small rice hullers, entire diesel consumption will be saved.
  1. SUGARCANE Production: 35 crore tones 3.5 crore trucks needed to transport entire sugarcane to sugar factories producing white poison. Assume only 100 km average distance. Then every truck will consume 25 litres. So total consumption: 85 crore litre = 8,50,000 tonnes. If we process sugarcane into farms by small jaggery plants, entire diesel consumption will be saved.
  2. COTTON Production: 3 crore bales 5 lakhs trucks needed to transport all bales of cotton to textile mills. Assume 2000 km average distance. Then every truck will consume 500 litres. So total consumption: 25 crore litre = 2,50,000 tonne. If we process cotton in homes and villages, entire diesel consumption will be saved.
  3. CEMENT Production: 30 crore tonnes 3 crore trucks needed to transport entire cement to cities and consumption points. Assume only 1000 km average distance. Then every truck will consume 250 litres. So total consumption: 750 crore litre = 75,00,000 tonnes. If we establish tiny cement plants at every point of limestone reserve, 75% of diesel consumption will be saved.
  4. COAL Production: 56 crore tonnes 5.6 crore trucks needed to transport entire coal to thermal power plants. Assume only 1000 km average distance. Then every truck will consume 250 litres. So total consumption: 1400 crore litre = 140,00,000 tonnes. But coal is mostly transported by train and we can safely reduce diesel consumption to 25% i.e. 35,00,000 tonnes. We want to close down all thermal power plants by establishing tiny solar power plants, tiny biomass power plants, small and micro hydro power plants and tiny wind turbines. So entire diesel consumption will be saved.
  5. PETROLEUM Consumption: 14 crore tonnes 1.4 crore tankers needed to transport entire petroleum from refinery to petrol pumps. Assume only 500 km average distance. Then every tanker will consume 125 litres. So total consumption: 175 crore litre = 17,50,000 tonnes. But Swadeshi economy will reduce transport to 20% only. So petroleum consumption will be reduced to 4 crore tonnes which is our local production. So no import of petroleum. TOTAL OF ONLY 6 ITEMS: 1) Paddy – 5,00,000 tons 2) Sugarcane– 8,50,000 tons 3) Cotton – 2,50,000 tons
  6. Cement – 75,00,000 tons
  7. Coal – 35,00,000 tons
  8. Petroleum – 17,50,000 tons
  9. Total = 13.3 million tonnes

Most of the transport is because of centralization. In decentralized Swadeshi economy, consumption of petroleum will be reduced to 30 % only which we produce in India at present. So no import necessary. GIANT POWER HOUSES

  • Giant thermal power houses have installed capacity of 1,70,000 MW.
  • Proposed Huge Nuclear Power Plants can kill India anytime.
  • They exploit Rs.5 lakh crores from people annually.
  • Mass scale scandals in coal mining.
  • Mass scale displacement and eviction of people from their homes and villages.
  • Half of India (i.e. 80% rural homes) have no power connection in their homes.
  • So entire system is cruel, unjust, exploitative, wasteful, polluting and working in favor of handful of billionaires. GIANT NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS
  • It is absolute Madness and Foolishness.
  • Nuclear power per KWH is 3 times costlier than thermal power.
  • Investment in nuclear power plant per MW is 5 times than solar power plants.
  • Right from mining of Uranium to disposal of waste, it is Risky, Risky & Risky for existence of humanity.
  • It is to enslave India and to Kill India.
  • Tiny Solar Power Plants
    1. Possibility of 3 crores of tiny solar power plants up to 10 KW producing 2,00,000 MW. So thermal power plants can be closed down.
    2. It will greatly save transport expenses of agricultural produces from villages to cities.
    3. It will create self-employment for 10 crore people. So most of the human transport will also be reduced.
    4. Very simple and cheap technology of solar concentrator.
    5. Direct mechanical power can be used. No electricity generation.
    6. Working on waste biomass or wood at night.
    7. Tiny Ice Plants & Cold Storage can work free of cost from exhaust steam . Cogeneration in oil milling, rice milling, jaggery making will save lot of energy.
    8. It will create dominant rural prosperous happy economy for all.
    9. Water lifting & quick rural electrification by rural people themselves.
    10. People can enjoy freedom from the tyranny of electricity companies.
  • 5 crore of Tiny Wind Turbines costing only Rs. 2000 to 4000 will become poor people’s power houses.
    • 1 crore of Tiny Wind Turbines with steel blades of 50 W to 500 W can be installed on rural Indian homes.
    • 5 lakh water pumping wind mills of 20 ft. dia with cloth sails will greatly contribute to agriculture and Gram Swaraj.
    • These wind turbines and water pumping wind mills are so simple that it can be fabricated by village blacksmiths and technicians.
    • Auto alternators will work in place of PMGs later on.
    • Wind turbines and water pumping wind mills will bring revolution to make the people independent from electricity companies.
  • Economy: SOIL BASED or OIL BASED? Our Swadeshi Economy is:
    1. Soil Based, Environment Friendly, Benign, Permanent, Simple, Family Centered, Economical and leading to World Peace & Happiness for all. European Economy Imposed on us is • Oil Based and Enemy of Environment, Temporary for 50 years, Heavily Centralized, Complicated, Company Centered, Unjust, Extravagant, Selfish, Risky, Cruel, Hypocritic, Exploitative leading to war and destruction of all. How can we proceed? • All our efforts will be fruitless if there is no true education – Gandhiji. • If we succeed to impart true education, everywhere will be victory, victory and victory – Gandhiji.
    2. True education must relate to the needs of the country i.e. solving problems of poverty, unemployment, rural development and gram Swaraj.

Alas! Our present education is completely reverse of our needs. HUGE SCOPE FOR ENGINEERS

  • Scope for 10 crores of Domestic Solar Cookers.
  • Scope for 25 lakh of Small Community Cookers.
  • Scope for 3 crores Large Solar Concentrators.
  • Scope for 5 crore Wind Turbines upto 500 W.
  • Scope for 20 lakh Wind Turbines upto 5 KW.
  • Scope for 2 crores of Steam Engines upto 20 HP.
  • Scope for 1.5 crores of Solar Operated Amber Charkhas.
  • Scope for 40 lakh Solar Power Looms.
  • Scope for 3 lakh Oil Expellers.
  • Scope for 3 lakh Rice Hullers.
  • Scope for 6 lakh Tiny Cement Plants Equipments.
  • Scope for 5 lakh Tiny Ice Plants.
  • Scope for 3 lakh Village Soap Plants.
  • Scope for 1 crore Simple Electric Bikes.
  • Scope for earning 1 crore Rupees for 1 lakh Engineers.

Above list is partial, not exhaustive.

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