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Appeal To Textile Machinery Manufacturers

I have observed that most of the machinery manufactures are hard workers, intelligent and honest in their business.  But they tend to make bigger and bigger machines so that they get bigger profit.  They do not think or they do not know that bigger machines  have bigger exploitative capacity and highly centralized textile mills invariably  create huge disparity  in the society throwing crores of jobless people into starvation  and making handful of people multi billionaire. So bigger machines are evils invariably. But there is a trend among machinery manufactures to take a pride in making bigger and bigger machines. So consequences of bigger machines are essentially poverty, unemployment and starvation in the society. So bigger machines is the technology for mass exploitation and technology for death. So bigger machine is never innocent machine.  

So machinery manufacturers whose heart is burning for poor people and common masses should think very seriously the consequences of use of such machines on the society whether it is a technology for life or technology for exploitation and death . If it is technology for exploitation and death, then machinery manufacturers also will be responsible for creating evils of poverty, unemployment, starvation etc due to the use of their machines. So every honest manufacturer should refrain from making big machines which create mass exploitation and starvation in society.

In fact they have better option for making smaller and smaller machines which can provide employment to millions of people and bring equality in society. But question arises to the machinery manufacturer that from smaller simpler machines they get  less profit. Here I have to intervene specially. I am a machinery manufacturer and I have a good experience of making small machines.  I want to inculcate to machinery manufacturers that though you get a small profit in small machine, but on the whole you get a large profit by selling hundreds and thousands of such small machines. My this statement holds good everywhere and in all circumstances. So machinery manufacturer should not have any fear in his mind that by manufacturing smaller machines you will get less profit. In fact by making smaller machines you will get more profit.

Now my special appeal to textile machinery manufacturers.
Why do you manufacture 500 spindle ring frame?
Why not 50 spindles ring frame? Or why not 20 spindle ring frame?
You must know that only multi millionaire people can make huge spinning mills where your 500 spindles ring frames will be used. They will exploit the entire society. Entire population will be jobless and poor and go to starvation. Only a few people will be billionaires. But if you manufacture 50 spindle machine or 20 spindle machine, crores of women will run it in their homes and will get self  employment and will live happily. So this  is pious task. Even if you get less profit, then also it is worth doing. But I am sure that you will not get less profit. Suppose you manufacture 10 ring frames in a year each of 500 spindles. But if you go for smaller machine say 50 spindles, then you will be able to make 200 such machines in the same period. So your profit out of 200 machines will be higher than your profit from 10 big ring frames of 500 spindles. Smaller machines are blessing to the society and to you also. So my appeal is that you should develop and  manufacture very small machines which a blessing to the society. This is true for every type of machinery. Those who make blow rooms should make smallest possible by eliminating conveyors, elevators etc. Please remove the complications and make it simple. Complicated machinery make simple thing also complicated. Why 38 “ width of a blanket in a blow room? Why not only 8 or 9”? I think it should be possible to design efficient blow room running on 1 Hp motor which can be powered by solar panel.So please think very seriously about this. If tiny blow room of 1 HP is developed, then roughly 3 to 4 lakhs of blow rooms can be sold in India. So there is a huge scope for tiny blow rooms.

Why very big carding machine? It can be made very small. Try to make it smallest. Perhaps carding and blow room can be combined in to one machine. India requires simple machinery cheap machinery so that textile activity can spread into millions of cotton growing farms. No transport of cotton at all. No baling of cotton and no bale breaking.Ginning and spinning will be combined at one place. No transport at all.

So think very seriously. All machines must run on solar panels. No machine should be bigger than half HP or 1HP motor at the most. So new tiny solar operated spinning mills should emerge which will produce yarn in farm itself. At least one million such farm size ginning cum  spinning mills are required in India it self. Then India will be really strong country and happy country.

So crux of the problem lies with textile machinery manufacturers. They have the highest brain power to bring any type of revolution. Revolution in technology will bring revolution in economy also. Present day evils of centralized economy such as urbanization, disparity, unemployment, poverty  will disappear very quickly as soon as textile machinery manufacturers determine to manufacture very small machines working in homes and farms. It is  the technology for life, technology for happiness.  Present big scale machines is  technology for  mass exploitation and technology for death. So please realize the difference. Please understand the importance of smaller home scale and farm scale textile machinery. Please use your brain to develop it. I am sure you can earn crores of rupees and thus you can create benefit of billions of rupees for poor rural people and you will get blessing from hundred crores of people.

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