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Rice Polishing Is Offense Against 2 Billion Starving People

You will be earning good profit from your big rice mill.
But you must be earning huge sin also by polishing basmati rice.
All nutritious elements are in outer side which are removed by polishing.
So it is offense against humanity.
Rice polishing reduces the quantity of rice.
That is another offense against starving people.
It is just equivalent to destroying the food even though 2 billion people are hungry.
Every rice mill owner knows this and still he does it.
So people have no fear of God and incur the sin for the sake of profit.
Clearly polishing is against morality for humanity.
People work only for profit and do not care for sin, do not care for morality, do not care for for poor people.
We should hesitate to do immoral deeds detrimental to society.
As we fear of slaughtering the animals, we should fear of polishing the rice as it  adds to starvation and hence slaughtering human beings.
Rice polishing is really immoral, unethical offense against 2 billion poor hungry people of the world.
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