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Rice Husk Revolution

India produces 200 million tonnes of paddy. One tonne paddy gives 700 kg of rice and 300 kg of rice husk. Rice husk has heating value (calorific value) of 3000 kcal per kg. So it is excellent fuel. So we can burn rice husk and produce steam and generate power from it. For villages 10 KW power plant based on steam engine is quite appropriate which can process 4000 kg. of paddy into unpolished rice in 8 hours and it will also generate rice husk of 1200 kg. as fuel. In processing 4000 kg. of paddy, about 700 kg.(60%) of rice husk will be consumed and 500 kg. (40%) of rice husk will remain surplus which can be utilized to run the 10 kw power plant for generating electricity which can provide lights to 200 homes at night for 3 CFL lamps of 11 W each. So to process entire production of paddy into rice, we require 4 lakhs 10 kw power plants which will remove entire exploitation of big rice mills worth of Rs. 100000 crores. It means that 4 Lakhs tiny power plants of 10 kw will increase rural wealth by Rs. 100000 crores simply by rice milling in villages. Moreover this will electrify 80 million homes of all the rice producing villages of India with green electricity and this will also provide employment to 20 lakhs people.

At present, electricity is not given in villages. 10 crores of homes have no electric connection at all. Rural population is suffering heavy injustice in this matter. By making excuse of non availability of electricity into villages, Government is advancing the scheme of giant nuclear power plants which are most dangerous for the safety of people, most hazardous, most polluting and most expensive also. Government is simply favouring dangerous multinational American companies and corporations allowing them to exploit entire India by snatching away small farmers' land and leaving them at the mercy of merciless people. Even after spending billions and billions of rupees on nuclear power plants, production capacity of nuclear power plants has not gone beyond 4000 MW. Investment in nuclear energy per mw is said to be Rs. 30 crores and production cost per KWH is also about Rs. 15/-.

As against this, 4 lakhs of tiny power plants of 10 kw based on rice husk will make total installed capacity of 4000 MW and will invest only 2 crorers per MW i.e. less than 10% investment in nuclear power plant. So there will be very cheap, innocent and renewable green energy in all the rural homes of India.

But government is acting as if it is enemy of people. Government does not promote tiny rural power plants based on rice husk and other agro waste and always thinks in terms of giant power plants of nuclear energy or coal energy which are not only hazardous and polluting but also heavily expensive.

At present, entire paddy processing into rice is made through a few thousand big rice mills which use electricity produce in thermal power plants & nuclear power plants. Consumption of electricity in all rice mills may be about 4000 MW. i.e. we can safely assume that entire electricity produced in nuclear power plants goes for big rice mills. This is complete wastage and extravagency. Heaps of rice husk are dumped as waste and scare electricity is consumed in rice processing.

But Solution is very simple by developing 4 lakhs rice husk operated tiny power plants of 10 kw capacity. Thus we can save grid electricity of 4000 MW and stop installing further nuclear power plants and become self reliant in rice processing and providing electricity to 8 million homes also.

So rural people should think in constructive direction to set up tiny 10 KW power plants based on rice husk in all the villages in lakhs of numbers by peoples own initiative. This way rural people can produce their own power in villages and process paddy into rice in all the villages and we can become free from exploitation of big rice mills and increase the wealth of villages worth Rs. 100000 crores. This type of constructive activity will force the Government to think in right direction in favour of the villages and against the exploitative multinational companies.

Here I have thought about rice milling only but tiny steam power plants are useful and blessing in jaggery making, oil milling, cotton ginning, spinning and weaving of cloths, in water lifting for irrigation etc. etc. I have estimated that more than 1 crore such tiny steam power plants can work in India which will increase rural wealth of Rs. five lakh crores.

(1 crore = 10 million, 1 lakh = 100000 = 0.1 million) 

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