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My Energy Convictions

  1. The ensuing energy revolution throughout the world will drive out most of the evils created by industrial revolution of the last century.i.e. poverty, unemployment, hunger, disparity, urbanization, polution, terrorism, war, centralization etc will be reduced to the minimum.
  2. Days of MW power have gone. Present century is for KW power. Energy revolution is poised to decentralization of not only energy production but also of all the industrial activity in the world.
  3. Power plants up to10 kw generated by steam, solar, wind biogas  or any other source is human, cheap, simple viable, manageable and beneficial to the humanity. Bigger than 10 kw is inhuman, costly, complicated, unmanageable and harmful to the society as it gives rise to the exploitation and other evils.
  4. It is possible to devise all industrial activity of the world with 10 kw power or less.
  5. It is possible to create the world without grid power lines.
  6. If grid exists after 2 decades, electricity will flow in reverse direction i.e. from rural areas to big cities.
  7. Steam power is coming back very fast and all the agricultural processing such as oil milling, sugarcane crushing, cotton ginning, rice milling, wood working will be shifted on steam power.
  8. Solar thermal power plants of 10 kw or below will be millions in one or two decades.
  9. Once the technology of making  Photo voltaic solar cells is known, it will be left hand job for every Indian skillful woman to manufacture it at home no matter she may be illiterate. Then real home scale industries for every primary needs will blossom.
  10. Transport will be reduced to minimum at the end of 21 century.
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