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My Basic Convictions

Mahatma Gandhi's inspiring thinking on industries combined with my practical experience of 35 years as Mechanical Engineer has carved the following Basic Convictions in my heart.

  1. All the dreadful problems appearing nowadays in the world such as unemployment, hunger, exploitation, disparity, pollution, urbanization, war, terrorism etc. are direct result of heavy and centralized industries.
  2. The modern civilization based on wasteful expenditure of natural resources is destined to end in near future.
  3. Twenty first century is not in the hands of centralized heavy industries. Undercurrent of decentralization has already started; and by the end of first decade of new century, the world will throw away the dogma of industrialization.
  4. Idea of "Everything under one roof" has become out dated. The process of splitting the bigger factories into small units has already started.
  5. Principles of more economic viabilities for bigger units are illusionary. In fact where social cost is considered, bigger units can never be viable.
  6. Complex giant technology has given rise to complex way of living, due to which greed and selfishness have captured human minds and we have lost the way of happiness.
  7. Real happiness is possible only through simple living, which is possible through simple and small technology only. Complicated machinery makes simple thing also complicated.
  8. World can live in peace and harmony only if we create self sustained societies.
  9. When production is made for consumption and not for marketing, present theories of economics crumble down.
  10. Small is possible at every stage, in every industry, in every country. Small is inevitable in every industry related to primary needs of the common masses in every country.
  11. Present tax collection systems can exist only on centralized form of heavy industries. This facilitates and increases legalized robbery of people by Governments.
  12. Transport is the curse to the mankind. It facilitates spreading of evils. Worldwide transport gives rise to worldwide exploitation. 

My Horror:
Whenever I see any big factory or industry, I am horrified to look at it, because it looks me as DEMON threatening the existence of humanity, its culture, its liberty, its freedom etc.

My Solace:
Whenever I see any tiny cottage industry, I am pacified to look at it, because it looks me as GOD's blessing enriching the life-style of mankind, its culture, its liberty, its freedom etc.

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