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Appeal To Engineers

We are living in the era of engineers. Progress of science and technology has created innumerable amenities for happy life. Much of the comfort and luxuries created by industrial progress is due to the dedicated efforts of thousand of engineers, technologist and scientist. Hence, there is no exaggeration in saying that we are living in the era of engineers.

But the industrial development as seen today is not so innocent. It has its black side also. Present industrial progress is associated with exploitation, disparity, unemployment, poverty, centralization, urbanization, pollution, displacement of innocent poor people and wars also. Moreover, it makes our life more and more complex which gives rise to tension in our routine life. Infact, it encourages materialism and greed for luxurious life at any cost. So if we assess the industrial progress in totality, we have to come to the conclusion that its debit side far outweighs its credit side. This is particularly true for a country like India.

Since centuries, we had the most scientific and well organized economic structure based on self reliant villages. Crores of people were living their simple life peacefully in villages. Most of the people had their own occupation. We have damaged this sound structure heavily in the name of industrialization. We have disturbed entire village lifestyle by exploiting masses by breaking their occupations and by concentrating wealth into handful of industrialists. This has created unemployment, poverty and dispartiy. At present our 50 crores of villagers are living miserable life worse than animals . They are so unfortunate that they have to sleep with their hungry stomach every day. They are victims of our so-called industrial development.

I feel that real reason of undesirable consequences of industrial progress is because engineers are helpless to work for greed of money. We give more importance to our salaries and to our prospects for our personal happiness than to consider the impact of our work on society.

I admit that after putting in hard labour for years together to achieve degree of engineering, we have right to expect something which may provide us comfortable life. But I have painfully observed that matter does not end there. Every type of greed has no end. Once engineer gets comfortable life, he expects more and more comfort and luxuries. We engineers, never think of the result of our work on society. We conveniently ignore the consequences of the industrial progress which we are making even after knowing that our efforts to manufacture certain machinery or goods or services will result in increasing exploitation, unemployment and poverty of masses. We are not paying any attention towards it. We are not accepting any responsibility of increasing evils of the industrial development. This leads to the conclusion to me that we are selfish for our own comfortable and luxurious life. To accomplish it, we are dedicating our entire intelligence and perseverance to foster the centralized industrial structure, sole purpose of which is to make profit by exploiting masses without any consideration of morality. In this way we are cooperating in the advancement or evils in the society. It is really deplorable that not a few engineers are found who will deny to work where their work is ultimately going to result into evident exploitation of masses.

We must ponder over this horrible situation. We must try to find out why industrial progress results into horrible disparity giving handful of people too much luxuries and to millions of people only miseries. We must try to find out why the centralization of wealth and power takes place due to industrial progress.

But I know that many engineers are not satisfied with their jobs. They know that their hard labour put for earning their livelihood results into the exploitation of masses. So they have discontent for their work. They feel pity for masses. They have sympathy for them. But they feel themselves helpless in the matter. They do not find any alternative. They desire to come out of the present situation. But they do not know how to do it. They feel some vacuum in their life. They feel lack of morality in their work. Hence, their conscience always rebel against their job. They are eager to help the poor people either by changing their job or by starting their own business. But they do not know how to do it.

I have to specially appeal to such engineers. There are hundreds of scopes in the present day society for earning your livelihood and helping the poor people. These vast scopes are in villages. Although our decentralized rural economic structure has been severely damaged, it is not completely ruined. It is still living. It is repairable. I am optimistic that if thousands of Engineers pay enough attention to the real needs of villages and they vow to work for villages, within two decades only, entire village based economy can be re-established. If this is done, India will come out as the strongest country of the world and it will lead to the world on the path of peace and real happiness.

I want to emphatically assert that not only small is beautiful and small is possible, but also small is inevitable in every industrial field. It may be energy, textile, sugar, oil, fertilizer, paper, steel, automobile or aeroplane making. This is the demand of 21st century.

This is not wishful thinking. This is really achievable and practicable. Really no great sacrifices are necessary to achieve this great goal. I will humbly state that only condition to reach this situation is that Engineers must come out of the present dogma of industrial development leading to giant centralized mass productions systems and they should understand properly the significance of decentralized production by masses scattered into millions of cottages and homes which can impart real happiness to the entire humanity. We, engineers, must turn our faces towards half million  depleted villages of India and we must vow to work for them only. We must abandon jobs and business which give rise to exploitation of masses and we must find out such business which can prosper the villages and common masses. If this is done, revolutionary miracle will happen within two decades only.

But you may raise the doubt how miracle will happen, how present giant evils will disappear and what business hundreds of engineers can adopt. These are natural questions. My reply is very simple. Various giant evils seen in the present society are associated with giant industries. IF INDUSTRIES ARE DECENTRALIZED TO TINY SCALE, MAGNITUDE OF THE EVILS ALSO WILL BE REDUCED TO TINY SCALE. Spread of tiny cottage industries in millions of houses in rural areas will bring about balanced homogenous economic growth, which will eradicate most of the economic evils generated by giant industries.

I have specially studied some statistics of India and I have come to the conclusion that all the major industries including the core sector industries can be easily decentralized to very tiny scale as cottage industries. Particularly agro based industries need immediate attention for decentralization. I have conviction that no question of economic viability is going to arise for tiny scale cottage industries. On the contrary, tiny cottage industries are naturally the most viable units and they can successfully compete giant industries. Precondition of solving all the problems of development is only one i. e. Engineers must whole heartedly accept this work of industrial decentralization. Huge opportunities are eagerly waiting for you where success is ready to greet you. I have prepared practical list of huge scope of making tiny machines and equipments from which about one lakh engineers each can earn one crore rupees! Seems to be unbelievable? No, really it is practicable and achievable. calculations are based on hard facts and on my own experience of 42 years. So take it very seriously. Here is the partial list of huge scope.





COTTON GIN MACHINE 1 HP 5 Lakhs 15,000/- 2000 Gins
TINY COTTON PLANT 20 KG. 5 Lakhs 1,00,000/- 500 Plants
TINY SPINNING FRAME 8 spindle 2 Crore 8,000/- 5000 Frames
TINY OIL MILL 3 ton/day 2 Lakhs 2,50,000/- 400 Oil Mills
TINY RICE MILL 250kg./hr. 2 Lakhs 50,000/- 1000 Rice Mills
TINY JAGGERY MILL 10 ton/day 1 Lakh 1,50,000/- 400 Jaggery Plants
TINY CEMENT PLANT 1 ton/day 1 Lakh 4,00,000/- 100 Cement Plants
MICRO HYDRO PROJECTS 10 KW 1 Lakh 1,00,000/- 400 Hydro Projects
TINY TOILET SOAP PLANT 100 kg/day 1 Lakh 1,00,000/- 400 Soap Plants
CHEAP VEHICLES 30Km/hr    10 Lakh 1,00,000/- 400 Vehicles
ELEC.CAR CONVERSION --- 5 Lakh 1,00,000/- 400 Cars Conversion
ELECTRIC SCOOTER    80KG 50 lakh 20,000/- 2000 Electric Scooters
SOLAR THERMAL PLANT 5 KW 50 Lakh 5,00,000/- 100 Solar Plants
SOLAR  COLLECTORS 30 sq. mtr. 50 Lakh 1,25,000/- 400 Solar Collectors
SOLAR COOKERS family size 2 Crore 5,000/- 10000 Cookers
SOLAR COOKERS community 5 Lakh 20,000/- 2000 Cookers
WIND TURBINES (Home) 200 W    1 Crore    10,000/- 2500 Turbines
WIND TURBINES (home) 1 KW 10 Lakh 40,000/- 1000 Turbines
WIND TURBINE (farm) 5 KW    10 Lakh 1,50,000/- 200 Turbines
WIND TURBINE (wind farm) 50 KW 5 Lakh 5,00,000/- 50 Wind Farms
SOLAR REFRIGERATOR family size 20 Lakh ---  
SOLAR ICE PLANT 100KG 5 Lakh    ---  
STEAM ENGINES 5 HP   50 lakh 30,000/- 2000 Engines
STEAM ENGINES 10 HP 20 lakh 50,000/- 1000 Engines
STEAM ENGINES 20 HP 2 lakh 70,000/- 500 Engines
BIOGAS PLANTS (Family) 5 Persons 1 Crore 15,000/-

5000 Gas Plants

BIOGAS PLANTS(Business) 50 Persons 2 Lakh 50,000/-

1000 Gas Plants

MAN POWER GENERATOR 1 Bulb 10 Crore 5,000/-   

10000 Generators

(1 lakh = 10000/-,  1 crore = 10 million)

(Above list is not exhaustive. Many more items can be added)

 Pick up any one item from the above list, persevere behind it and I am sure that you can earn one crore rupees from the selected item as per calculation in last column.

 Three lakhs of tiny cotton ginning machines running on single phase 1 HP motor can be established in rural areas which will gin the entire cotton production of India. 40000 tiny bailing presses are required which will press bales of 20 kg weight instead of 170 kg weight. At present India produces 300 lakhs of bales of 170 kg annually. At least 2 crores of tiny spinning units of 8 spindles are absolutely required in our villages throughout India Textile industry is the biggest industry in India responsible for maximum exploitation of villages. If such  tiny spinning units are established, major source of drain of wealth from villages will be plugged and it will create vast opportunities for self employment of villagers. At the same time cloth production will be undoubtedly cheaper in this manner.

Present annual production of 200 lakh tonnes of oilseeds are crushed for edible oil into 50000 expellers throughout India. This industry exploits billions of rupees from villagers every year. If two lakhs of tiny oil mills are manufactured and established in villages, entire exploitation from edible oil industry can be stopped.

here is a vast scope of establishing about one lakh tiny jaggery mills which can  produce  jaggery without producing any molasses. This will yield 14% combined recovery. If this is done, all the present giant sugar mills will have no place in the market.
About two lakhs of tiny rice mills can be established as cottage industry which can easily compete to present big rice mills. Such a tiny rice mill may cost not more than Rs. 50000/-

Cement is not a mysterious product. It is simply a mixture of natural compounds accruing by burning limestone with clay in suitable proportion. No giant plant is necessary for this. Tiny cement plant of 1 TPD  capacity can be developed wherever limestone is available. Such a tiny cement plant will definitely compete to the present giant cement plants of one million tonne per annum capacity. About one lakh such tiny cement plants are absolutely necessary in the country.

There is a possibility of establishment of one lakh micro hydro projects by harnessing every stream of river. This will give cheaper electricity and investment per kilowatt will be reduced half.

There is a scope of about one lakh tiny soap making units in villages. About one lakh unemployed chemistry graduates can be self employed in this industry very easily.

About five lakhs of modern and fuel efficient lime kilns are necessary in villages to manufacture good quality lime.

About one million of cheap vehicles of one tonne capacity running at not more than 30 km. speed and driven by 5 HP single cylinder engine are urgently required in villages. If properly designed, such vehicles should not cost more than Rs. one lakh.

About five million tiny solar power plants are required for villages
for running cottage industries and small scale industries and providing lighting. Solar cookers, solar concentrators, bio gas plants have unimaginable scope.

This is not the exhaustive list. This list can be lengthened still further. Millions of cottage industries based on local raw-materials can be established in various parts of India after studying raw-material and consumption pattern of that particular region. For designing and manufacturing the above machinery, I have estimated that atleast one lakh of engineers can be accommodated and if the entire scheme is implemented, it will generate the self employment opportunities for 50 million people. So if any engineer is genuinely thinking to serve OUR MOTHER INDIA by way of involving himself for the development of decentralized industries for poor people, he himself can choose any one industry from the above. I am sure that he will find vast opportunities even for personal development for earning wealth and profit over and above prospering the country. I can assure that all above business opportunities are sacred in its nature; as it provides chances of development of really needy people.

The opportunities in the above fields are so wide in the present context that there is no risk of competition also. Any person can choose any business and start earning money. This is my personal experience. I started my activity of manufacture of tiny oil mills in 1984. I had not to face any competition. Within three year time only, I was quite well established. So far I have established about 1500 tiny oil mills in 78 countries. But it is just a drop in the ocean. I should clarify that still I do not have any production machinery. I get everything done from tiny machine shops on job work basis and then get it assembled achieving complete decentralization. In spite of this tiny work, I am considered well established industrialist and I am known in 150 countries.

This is the "YUGAKARYA" (mission) for engineers. If you are convinced, then, " Awake ! Arise ! And stop not till the goal is reached ! "

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