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There are two types of economy prevailing in the world. There is a family in the center of one type of economy. Entire economy is based on families. Agricultural land holding, say 10 to 15 acres may be owned by a family which will be sustaining on that land. Similarly entire land is distributed in various families in such a way that each family has a land which it can cultivate. All people will be owner of land. Nobody will be laborer without land. In case of animal husbandry also, each family will have cows, sheeps, goats etc in so much number that one family can look after them and that family can sustain on it. Business and profession other than agriculture such as blacksmith, carpenter, shoe maker, pot maker, cloth weaver etc are also family centered and they work themselves to sustain their families. All are owners of their profession, no labourer, no servants. Even traders and merchants also work themselves without any servant and earn some income from trading and sustain their family. If somebody has no land and if he has to work on somebody else's land as a labourer, it is a defect of social economy. Ideally everybody is owner and nobody is servant. This should be the ideal system in well organized society.

This family centered economy can be named as Swadeshi Economy or Localized Economy also. Throughout the world wherever industrialization has not reached, this family centered economy is still prevailing everywhere. This family centered economy is working satisfactorily since many centuries and people have lived peacefully. In this framework, production is local for local consumption. So element of trade is negligible. So no transport at distant places. So no need or very negligible role of transport vehicles such as trucks, steamers, railways, highways, cities etc. So in family centered economy, there is no scope of exploitation. World lives with peace and morality.

Second type of economy which has emerged since last 200 years and spread to entire world has big big monstrous companies at the center of economy. No any person is owner of anything there. Ownership is wasted in big companies and all the people working in the company are the employees of the company. Company owns large farms of thousands of acre. Such many large farms owned by only one giant company. Thousands of people toil their labor in the farm. They are simply laborers. Big big factories are established which are owned by big companies. For primary necessity of people also, big centralized factories. For example, for flour milling, bread making, sugar making, oil milling, electricity generation etc giant factories making huge production. So huge distribution network is required to reach millions of people. For this, transport equipments such as trucks, steamers, railways are required for which also giant factories owned by giant companies. Everything owned by big companies.
People simply work for their bread labour in the companies. Huge power houses run by coal. So huge companies for coal mining. Huge companies for coal transporting. Huge companies for power generation and power distribution. Millions of people work in the companies for earning their subsistence. Huge capital is required for huge factories. So huge financing companies and banks which lend the huge capital. Huge companies for share market and collecting money from people. So entire economy is company centered. No family is in this picture.

But what is the company then? It is not an living creature. It is just a legal fiction created on paper. But it is considered as legal person which never dies. So it can live for centuries. People die but company does not die. Company is not living element. It has no soul in it. So it has no heart. So it has no feelings, no compassion, no mercy. So company is one type of monster which has no soul, no heart, no feeling and it is always eager to suck your blood. To earn maximum profit even mercilessly is its objective. So entire economy is controlled by such giant merciless monsters who employ millions and millions of people simply as laborer. This is company centered economy.

Now every person can understand easily that where entire economy is controlled by merciless monsters, millions of people will be exploited only. As against this, there is no scope of exploitation at all in family centered economy. Company centered economy resorting to huge centralized production of everything and hence huge transport system, natural resources are misused recklessly. There is no much transport in family centered economy. So it is quite economical, so environment friendly with no wastage at all. In company centered economy, handful of people become too much wealthy and vast majority are hand to mouth. So huge disparity in society.
Company centered economy promotes large cities where millions of people are living. So water shortage is created. Rivers become gutters and air is polluted and leads to global warming. Family centered economy is rural oriented and lifestyle is natural and people will live with peace and satisfaction. Company centered economy is Oil Based Economy and is quite temporary as fossil fuels in the world will be exhausted in few decades. But family centered economy is Soil Based Economy and hence is permanent. Company centered economy is based on untruth, falsehood, betrayal, deception, fraud and worldwide plunder. So it drags the world to world war. While family centered economy is based on truth, love, kindness, justice and so it leads to world peace. In everyway family centered economy is beneficial to the society, while company centered economy exploits the entire society and disturbs the peaceful lifestyle.

Family centered economy has so many advantages and company centered economy has so many disadvantages and danger points. But still almost all the governments of the world are implementing the policies to promote the company centered economy and to abolish family centered economy. Its reason is that all the governments of the world are attracted to the development which Europe and America have done in last century such as huge cities with magnificent buildings, highways, roads, attractive cars, airplanes, telephones, internet, electricity and many instruments of human luxury. All these have been developed with company centered economy. So fascinated with this development, all the governments want to become disciples of USA and go to the path of Europe and America considering USA as their Guru. So they follow the advice of USA and USA sponsored World Bank, IMF and WTO and try to cast their economies in company centered economy. As a result, villages have been ruined and sucked to skeleton and poverty has spread to 4 Billion people.

Following this path, there are 3 suicidal blunders which all governments are committing.

First suicidal blunder:
is that so called developing countries i.e poor countries are following the path of USA and Europe which is not applicable to them. Europe and America has exploited the entire world. Their development is through world plunder. Poor nations cannot exploit the entire world. Economy of Europe and America is breaking even though they had the opportunity to suck the entire world and we will see within 30 years time that their economy is ruined. So to follow the path of USA is simply suicidal. It will positively result in slavery and increase in poverty.

Second suicidal blunder:
 common masses of Europe and America have not prospered. They are simply economic slaves of big companies. They are miserable. Only big companies have prospered and accumulated big wealth. So prosperity of big companies is not the prosperity of common people. This fact is forgotten and is not brought to the under developed countries. Common people are hand to mouth. They are not at all happy. Most of the common people are debtors paying huge interest for their credit cards. So it is illusion to understand that people of Europe and America are prosperous people. Only handful of companies are prosperous and not the people.

Third suicidal blunder:
This is applicable to India specifically but more or less to all countries.
 We do not realize that we have a full capacity to develop all the equipments of luxurious happiness such as cars, electricity, phones, computers, balloons and planes at very small scale level, in rural areas, with better quality, in a economical way, without wasting any resources, at cheaper rate by keeping our family centered economy intact. There is a wide spread lack of self-confidence and faith in ourselves. We can make tiny biomass thermal power plants at every farm and at every village and further develop tiny solar thermal power plants of 5 to 10 Kw capacity wherever we need power. Once all technical books are published in all regional languages, all such gadgets will be made by people themselves and will achieve the highest height of prosperity without any government help, provided that harassment is not done from the government.

In this situation we should not imitate Europe and America. It is imperative for us to protect our ancient culture and rural lifestyle. We can enrich it by producing the equipments of comfort and remove drudgery from our life. Thus we can create happy rural India which will also result in happy urban India automatically.

Once we manufacture 5 to 10 KW power plants at every farm and at every village, we can develop small scale family size rural industries such as grain grinding, rice milling, jaggery making, oil extraction, cotton ginning, cotton spinning, cloth weaving, lime and cement making and many types of basic necessity industries for the happy and prosperous life. So without any big industry we can become far happier than Europe and America. Out of all such industries, power generation industry is the key to development. You can not enjoy freedom and happiness if you do not have your own power. You must not be dependent on electricity or diesel for your farm or village. You can produce your own power by burning biomass or wood in the boiler and produce steam which will drive steam engine which again will run your water pump for irrigation or tiny oil mill for crushing oilseeds, or rice huller or sugarcane crusher or alternator for getting electricity. Then diesel prices may go 10 times higher or electricity rates may go up 20 times, you are not affected at all. This is real freedom.

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