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How I Manage My Business

I jumped in to business in 1982 at the age of 40 years with pure motive to develop and disseminate rural technology. I imbibed all inspirations from the books of Mahatma Gandhi. He asserted that ALL THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION OF PRIMARY NEEDS OF PEOPLE MUST BE IN THE HANDS OF COMMON MASSES. To make available such production machines, I started this activity. I never imagined that I will get a lot of money from it. Just to sustain my family was only objective. I had a little saving of Rs 50000/- (US$1000). My father had roughly Rs 150000/- which was invested in construction of show room. Before starting business I vowed and decided certain principles to follow in the business.

I will not do any business which ultimately results into exploitation of poor masses and enriching the rich people. I will not do any business which ultimately results into urban development. I will do such business which increases the wealth of rural people and reduces the wealth of rich urban people.

I will not borrow single Rupee from bank or other sources. So I will not pay single Rupee interest to anybody.

I will not hire any premises so that I have not to pay any rent to anybody.

I will not go out of my office to sell my products.

I will not deliver my product to anybody without taking 100 % payment in advance or against delivery.

I will not do any business or manufacturing activity out of Rajkot city.

I will not invest any money in machinery. I will sub contract my manufacturing products to other factories on job work basis.

I will not produce any item on which Central Excise is collected by the government. It simply enslaves the producers.

With the above limitations, I started TINYTECH PLANTS as private limited company. I thought out the concept of TINY OIL MILL which can provide cooking oil to one village, studied similar available machines, designed some machines altogether new and started my activity. I got made wooden patterns for components, got casted in foundries, got it machined in machine shops, fabricated equipments by welding and started selling complete Tiny Oil Mills which is now running successfully since 32 years. So far we have exported our Tiny Oil mills into 86 countries. Day to day affairs of this business is now managed by my son Gopal. Still I have no any mass production machinery of heavy investment.

In 2002, at the age of 60 years, I started new company AADHUNIK GLOBAL ENERGY for manufacturing renewable energy equipments in which I have successfully developed Tiny Steam Power Plants up to 40 HP-20 KW for rural electrification, steam engines up to 70 HP, parabolic solar cookers for homes and communities, light weight portable Bio Gas plants, small wind turbines for homes, Solar Concentrators and so on. Recently I have also developed solar water pumps for irrigation. At present I am successfully exporting tiny power plants and renewable energy equipments. I have not printed any literature of any renewable product just to save paper. My web site contains all the details. I have not spent anything on advertisement for renewable energy products with a few exceptions. Most of my business is generated by hearty correspondence with sincere feelings with the aim to disseminate tiny technology to replace big industries. Earning money is not primary motive. I feel that this is the right way of business. More and more I realize that expensive pompous office is not required to impress and to attract customers. Only pure heart and transparent honesty works well everywhere. So I am contented with 30 years old table in my office and 10 years old car which I hope to use it up to end of my life.

We never have driver for our cars. A lot of people come to meet me from foreign countries and from India to discuss with me about rural development. We sit at office, home or at my small factory in a plastic chairs without any pomp where hardly 6 to 7 persons are working. I mostly invite all foreign guests at my home for lunch and dinner for which credit goes to my wife and my son’s wife Sharmila for taking care of all the guests with delicious vegetarian meals. It creates a lot of intimacy, transparency and frankness and it creates business. This can be ideally called Home Scale Business Management. I take every care not to grow my company bigger. Factory staff is kept below 10 so that Factory Act and dreadful repressive labour laws imposed in the name of socialism are not applicable which simply enslaves the manufacturers by the government. We have 3 factories without any mass production machinery of heavy investment except routine workshop machinery such as lathe, drilling machine, hacksaw machine, grinders, hydraulic press, welding machines etc which are required for R&D activity. This is situation in all the 3 factories. As activity increases, we find out suitable small machine shops and small fabricators to whom we teach how to make our products and components and sub contract them manufacturing.

I am of the view that big companies are formed simply for robbing the common masses. I am of the view that management taught in management schools is simply the management of mismanagement. I am of the view that economics taught in universities is fabricated for robbing the world and it makes a lot of harm to common masses. It is not necessary for the happy life of the society.

I have already proved that even one person can act globally. Tiny enterprise run by a family can be globally famous. So far we have sent roughly 1500 consignments in 110 countries.

I am of the view that really good products necessary to society should not require costly advertisements. So I do not spend anything on advertisement with some exceptions.

I am of the view that craze for money compels us to do many mischiefs and misdeeds.

So we should discard the craze for money making and we should concentrate to discharge our duty towards humanity. Then money comes automatically. But we should be indifferent to it.

I really enjoy my business and never get tired. I hope to run my business up to end of my life. Idea of retiring is senseless. If we do not find interest in our activity, there is something basically wrong in it. If we find interest, why should we retire from it? I do not require any extra entertainment. I never watch TV. I hate it. I never see cinema. I never go to hotels. Though I have traveled in to 30 countries, I never travel without any good benevolent purpose. My business is my life mission. 

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