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I Am Enemy Of What?

I am not enemy of rich people.
I know that many rich people are kind, wise and humble.
I know that many rich people have compassion for poor people.
Many of them donate their wealth for hospitals, for educational institutes and for benevolent purpose.
So how can I be enemy of such people?
They do not desire poverty in the society.
If poverty disappears all of a sudden without affecting their richness, they will surely welcome it.
But I know that richness does not come without exploitation of common masses directly or indirectly.
Exploitation occurs only through big centralized mass production in big factories and its trading on huge scale.
Poverty, unemployment, starvation and dangerous disparity are generated only through big centralized mass production in big factories and its trading on huge scale.
So I am enemy of all big giant industries and giant scale trade.

So I am enemy of big oil mills making the cooking oil costlier to consumers.
So I am enemy of big oil mills which generate huge profits for their owners.
But I have solution of this situation.
I have developed tiny oil mill which can be owned and operated by one family. It has no much exploitative capacity.
So it is blessing to society.
Establish one million such tiny oil mills and there will not be any big oil mill in the world.

Similarly I am enemy of giant thermal power plants, nuclear power plants etc.
They exploit the people dangerously.
They monopolize generation of electricity and impose slavery on common masses.
They pollute environment heavily and dangerously.
But I have solution for this situation.
I have developed biomass based tiny thermal power plants of appropriate size to village, society, group or farm or individual requirement.
Produce your own power and be happy. No pollution, no exploitation, no slavery.
So protect your freedom and make your own development.

Similarly I am enemy of giant solar power plants of MW size.
It has many disadvantages. Biggest disadvantage is that it creates millionaires and billionaires.
So better idea is tiny solar power plant which is very simple and automatic.
It works for 20 years without any manpower and no maintenance.
So solar panels in every farm and solar panels on every roof is perfect solution.

I am also enemy of giant wind turbines of MW size.
It never helps to poor masses. It is for rich people only.
So I have developed tiny wind turbines of 200 to 500W for homes.
So grid lines are not required.

Similarly I am also enemy of big sugar factories.
They exploit sugarcane farmers mercilessly.
They make farmers slaves indirectly.
They produce sugar which is nothing but poison.
Sugar promotes 58 types of dangerous diseases.
So sugar is evil in every way.
So you can discard sugar and start using jaggery which is blessing to humanity.
Jaggery can be cheaply produced in farm with a little investment.
This will make happy society.

Similarly I am also enemy of big spinning mills and big textile mills.
They exploit the people mercilessly by breaking their home industries.
They spread hunger and starvation and make villagers slaves indirectly.
They produce cloth which is too much expensive for common masses.
But I have solution of this situation.
Establish simplest and tiniest possible spinning mills coupled with ginning machines in the farms.
It is far more viable than big textile mill as no transport, no bale binding, no bale breaking, no middlemen.
Use solar panels to run such tiny machines.
Decentralize it further in 60 to 80 spindle spinning frames to homes.
It will provide self employment to millions of women and also income.
So produce your own cloth in your farms and homes using solar power.
This will make happy society.

Similarly I am also enemy of big rice mills.
They exploit paddy farmers mercilessly.
They sell polished stuffless white rice at exorbitant price.
They commit offense against  2 billion starving people by wasting precious outer brownish layer of rice kerlels in the name of polishing. This wastage becomes millions of tonnes.
So big modern rice mills is big evil to society.
But I have solution for this problem.
Establish tiny rice hullers in rice farms run by 5 to 10 hp steam engines or stirling engines.
Rice husk is ideal fuel to run steam engine or stirling engine.
So huge exploitation done by big rice mills will end and paddy farmers will prosper.
everybody will get unpolished nutritious brown rice good for health.
This will make people happy.

This way I am enemy of all big industries. It may be cement plant or fertilizer plant or chemical plant or any other production unit.
Everything at big scale is harmful to society. luckily I have solution of everything. Everything can be decentralized to human scale, family size enterprise. So no exploitation. No accumulation of wealth in a few hands. This will solve all problems of the world.
As I am enemy of big industries, similarly I am enemy of big financial institutions, big banks, big dams, big cities. All are really evils. Luckily I have solution to decentralize everything to human scale and make entire planet happy. I am asserting this with full confidence because I have imbibed all my ideas from Mahatma Gandhi. Without implementing his vision, world will ruin and die. By implementing his vision, entire planet will live with peace and happiness.

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