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Technology For Life ? OR Technology For Mass Exploitation ?

Mostly business people are  honest in their dealings. They work honestly with their customers.
Most of the machinery manufacturers and suppliers have a tendency to make and sell bigger and bigger machines. Naturally bigger machine has bigger profit. So everybody is tempted to  sell bigger machines and bigger plants. They take satisfaction that they are working honestly. They are under the impression that they are participating or contributing to the process of development of society as  a whole.

But they do not consider effect of the big machines and big plants on the society.

Each machine  or a plant has a exploitative capacity. So bigger  machines and bigger plants create centralized production, accumulate wealth in a handful of people, create mass scale unemployment, hunger and starvation. So big machines invariably create mass scale exploitation.
The ultimate result of   so called industrialization is that  4 billion people out of the 7 billion people of the world have been thrown in to miseries and they have become victim of poverty, unemployment, hunger, starvation, malnutritions, diseases  and they are bound to die in this situation. On the contrary  2 billion more people are likely to be thrown into poverty, unemployment, hunger, starvation, malnutritions, diseases etc only because of centralized industries. So Mahatma Gandhi has forecasted that industrialization in India is going to be a curse to the humanity because it will invariably result into automatic  killing of entire population except 10 millions will be survived.
So this process of industrialization is being accelerated by machinery manufacturers and traders. Tragedy is that those who manufacture big machines and big plants, innocently believe that they are encouraging development process of the society. In fact their development invariably results into destruction of masses.

So every engineer, every  manufacturer, every industrialist, every trader should ponder over and search inside their heart what they are doing and what will be the effect of their technology on the society.


So we should discriminate between TECHNOLOGY FOR MASS EXPLOITATION and TECHNOLOGY FOR LIFE . All big machines, big machinery, big plants is the Technology for Mass Exploitation which will ultimately result in indirect killing of entire humanity. So it is curse.

On the other hand, very small machines, very small plants manageable by 3 to 4 person of family without employing anybody from outside will result in sustaining family; as such small family size plant has no exploitative capacity. So their must be millions and billions of such family enterprises which can work it independently, produce locally and consume locally without wastage of transport. This is TECHNOLOGY FOR LIFE. This is the right way of peaceful living in the world. So I   appeal to every engineer,  every machinery manufacturer, plant suppliers etc etc to think over whether their technology is for mass exploitation or their technology is for life. If you feel that  your technology is for mass exploitation, then you should try to avoid it, discard it and to switch over to Technology for  Life which will create happy society.

I have thought very deeply that you can earn more money by propagating technology for life. Making money simply by big big machines is wrong idea, sinful idea and it will lead to the world war and destruction of humanity.


Gandhiji had forecasted that India's future will be bright. Then 70 years have already gone but India's future is becoming more and more gloom. Gandhiji also forecasted that to industrialize India in the same sense of Europe is IMPOSSIBLE. But our government and our leaders have tried their best to industrialize India in the same sense of Europe and achieved dangerous disparity, more poverty, more unemployment, more starvation, more slavery, more crimes and more unrest everywhere. So the path followed by our governments and our leaders must be immediately abandoned and path suggested by Gandhiji should be immediately followed. Government may not be able to change the policy very quickly. But people should immediately adopt policy preached by Gandhiji. Gandhiji strongly advocated Swadeshi economy in every sphere of life. This can be achieved through home scale and family size industries for all basic needs of the people. So where ever cotton is grown, it should be ginned there and there, it should be spinned there and there and it should be weaved there and there. So we should develop simple and cheap home scale and village scale technology for making cloths into villages. For this purpose 2 crores of spinning machines of 10 to 20 spindles must be developed for home scale spinning. It will be driven by solar panels which is now available abundantly and it has become affordable also. All pre processing machines from ginning to spinning should be developed and modern spinning technology of textile mills must be decentralized up to home scale level. India has enough infrastructure and men power of textile engineers to achieve this goal in 10 to 15 years. So entire lint cotton production of 600 crore kg must be turned in to final cloth – 3600 crore sq mt in homes and villages by using solar photovoltaic power. So there will be availability of 30 sq mt cloth per head which can not be consumed by the people.

(1 crore = 10 million)

So there will be lot of export from Sovereign Village Republics directly. There should not be any bale binding or bale breaking. All textile spinning mills of present day must collapse and die their natural death. Entire textile manufacturing business must be decentralized in to 3 to 4 crores homes in villages. Similarly entire production of sugarcane - 35 crores tonnes- must be processed in sugarcane farms locally into best quality jiggery or directly consumed for juice drinking. All sugar mills of the present day must collapse and die their natural death. About 4 lakh jiggery units working in the farms will produce 5 crore tonnes of jiggery which will be enough for entire India plus 150 other countries. Similarly, 20 crores tonnes of paddy must be processed into rice in the farms it self through 3 lakh rice hullers driven by steam engines which will use rice husk as fuel and will become independent from grid power or diesel supply. Per capita availability of rice will be about 160 kg which can never be consumed by people. So there will be huge export of rice from Sovereign Village Republics directly. Present day all big rice mills must collapse and die their natural death. Similarly 3 crores tonnes of oil seeds must be processed into edible oil through 3 lakhs tiny oil mills and 2 lakh oil Ghanis in villages. Per capita availability of edible oil will be 8 kg which should be tolerated for a while but no import of edible oil should be allowed. Farmers should get higher rates of their oil seeds and in 2 to3 years time there will be surplus production of oil seeds if oil is not imported at all. Entire cement production of present day say 150 crore tonnes must be decentralized through 6 lakhs tiny cement plants of 1 tonne capacity established at a lime stone sites so that there is no transport of limestone at all. So per family availability of cement will be about 5 tonnes per family which will be enough for constructing simple homes everywhere. So in 10 years time, every family will have its own decent home built from very cheap cement produced in villages.

Solar energy has come as a God's blessing to the people. 2 crores of solar pumps from 1 KW to 10 KW can be installed in most of the farms for water pumping which will run various agro processing industries in the farms itself when irrigation is not required. So practically cotton ginning, cotton spinning, cloth weaving, oil milling, rice hulling, sugarcane crushing etc will be done by solar panels when irrigation is not required. Moreover tiny steam power plants will work on surplus biomass in farms and villages for electrifying the villages at night.  Wind energy also can play vital role to provide home electricity in 10 crore homes. There is a huge scope of 1 crore tiny wind turbines not costing more than Rs. 10000/- to 20000/-. Similarly surplus rice husk after processing paddy into rice can provide electricity to 6 crore homes. So only through renewable energy sources, India can sustain easily. So each Sovereign Village Republic will be power independent and grid power will not be required. However for present cities, present thermal power plants may work for next 20 years until surplus power of SVRs may not be sufficient to sustain our cities. But planning must be such that in 20 years of time all giant thermal power plants and all nuclear power plants must collapse and die their natural death. No import of petroleum should be allowed. Transport must be reduced to 10% of present transport. So petroleum produced by our country also should remain surplus. Nothing should be imported. But many things will be exported by our half a million SVRs. So in 5 years time, Rupee will be equivalent to dollar and in 10 years time it must become 10 times higher than dollar. So we must regain our ancient glory to make India most prosperous and happiest county of the world. No any student will go to Europe, America or Australia for education. Thousands of students will come to India from all over the world to learn Swadeshi technology, our culture, our religion, our languages and our life style. So I am looking huge technological revolution on the horizon. For engineers and technocrats huge opportunities are opening. Those who envisage it, have fortunes to earn, have great opportunity to serve our nation, and serve the humanity through our nation.